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 MWRP - Races and Sub-Races

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PostSubject: MWRP - Races and Sub-Races   Fri May 20, 2016 8:37 pm

All Races currently available in Monster World Role Play

Maurans - Maurana

Maurans, also referred to as humans, are a non-magical species that have main control of the Human World, also known as Maurana. They have a technologically advanced society built up throughout a multitude of cities and villages, and a variety of cultures. Maurans are often resourceful and have a unique view on the world, as one of the very few that have no connection to the magical power that connects the 4 Worlds, which forced them to resolve to other solutions for the problems they encountered.

While often distrusting towards other races, Maurans have learned to make contact and create bonds, unions or even alliances to help support each other and grow as a people. Most of these bonds are with the Rhizeans.

Sylvians - Sylva

Sylvians are one of the two Angelic races. Sylvians value their purity above all and will exclude anyone that doesn't conform to their visions. With a narrowminded view that only they know the way to ascension, they work to perfect themselves. With a tainted history, the Sylvians have claimed their homeland for themselves, Sylva, a.k.a. the Angel World. Any other Angels have been exiled to Rhiza.

Sylvians have silver/white wings, that can be folded to nearly invisibility, as well as often white hair.

Rhizeans - Rhiza

Rhizeans are the other species of Angels inhabiting this universe, though they consist of many subspecies. Rhizeans were named such as an insult be the purist elite (Sylvians), which roughly translated means "Poluted Ones". Rhizeans are Angels that have mingled with other races, species or lifeforms and thus adopted new physiology or different mentality. After the Purge that hit the Angel World approximately 2.000 years ago the Rhizeans were exiled to the Monster World, now known as Rhiza.

Rhizeans are in general a ver accepting and friendly race, having built a utopian empire in the middle of Rhiza, called Rhiza Kor, or Nephiliem in Mauran tongue.

Subspecies of the Rhizeans:
- Choral - Aquatic Rhizeans
- Daspara - Canine related Rhizeans
- Empyreal - Feline related Rhizeans
- Balisse - Reptile relate Rhizeans
- Cassisian - Aviary Rhizeans
- Iophanite - Elemental Rhizeans

Erythrans - Rhiza

Erythrans are a whole new race that has recently set foot on Rhiza. From the excessive mixing between races and species, Rhiza became home to the Erythrans, slightly magical creatures that exhibit features of Maurans, Sylvians and Caern. In common tongue they are referred to as Elves, a far lesser being than an Angel.

Caern - Caern

Caern are the opposite of the Sylvians and Rhizeans. Where you have Angels, you have Demons. Caern are those Demons. Their world, also called Caern, is a ravaged wasteland with no leadership whatsoever. For centuries long, the royal bloodline has been missing and Caern has been in a state of anarchy, with warbands, groups and solo rangers that survive in a world that's ruled by the law of survival of the fittest.

Parusians - Rhiza / Maurana

Parusians, or more commonly known as thropes, are beings very similar to Rhizeans. However, the difference between a Rhizean and a Parusian is that Rhizeans have the features of both beings that make up their DNA, whereas Parusians are bound by a powerful magic that allows them transformation at will, or if certain conditions are met. Parusians have just as wide a variety as Rhizeans, though while Rhizeans flourish on all differences, Parusians only really thrive on lycanthropes. As expected, the Parusian race is rare, since not many can get in touch with them, and even less survive encounters. Parusians are often mistaken for Maurans, as only Maurans are susceptible to the magic that creates Parusians.

Etruins - The Et-Rune

The Et-Rune is the official name for the place between the worlds. In stories it often is named the Void. Though very little actual research has been conducted to support the existence of Et-Rune, there has been proof of its existence. Every now and then, on a very rare occasion, a being would "spawn" somewhere in the 4 Worlds, completely at random with no apparent trigger. These beings have been named Etruins, or "Voidlings". A more insultive name is "Obians". When these Etruins are brought into the world they fall into, they're seemingly blank on memories, with no knowledge of who they are, where they came from or what they are. Though Etruins have proven very resilient to magic and physically strong and thus have often been employed for labor by those lucky enough to get their hands on one.
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MWRP - Races and Sub-Races
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