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 MWRP - Races and Sub-Races

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PostSubject: MWRP - Races and Sub-Races   Fri May 20, 2016 8:37 pm

All Races currently available in Monster World Role Play

Humans are a race we all know. It's us. They've inhabited the Human World, obviously, and spread throughout different worlds in the past. Their traits are common ingenuity, trust and and always interesting perception that keeps surprising people. Throughout history, however, Humans have proven to fear the unknown and in doing so, reject or even violently treat that which is unknown. Hostility to "abnormal" or "different" people or races is nothing new to them.

Humans do not generally possess abilities or powers. They rely on their advanced technological knowledge and prowess.

Average age: 70-90 years.

Angels are often referred to as the second hand of god. They are, by nature, accepting and kind, as well as quite beautiful. Their skin often is pale and their hair long. Angels have a philosophy that helping others comes as a natural thing, granted it does not damage their society. As such, they did not step into the Demon – Human War.They seek to better the worlds together, but even there, conflict arises. Many groups or "cults" have different opinions on how to go about it. Some even declared war, leading to the fragmentation of Angel belief.

What never fragmented, however, was their appearance and demeanor, along with common courtesy. With wings at a maximum span of 5 meters that not only are close to weightless, but also can be folded as a birds wings.

Average age: 480-530 years.

The darker counterpart of the Angels are the Demons. Unlike Angels, Demons vary quite in their physical appearance. Though some do share the feature of wings, many Demons are known to have horns, claws, tails or cat/dog-like feats. Where this has come from, nobody truly knows. Some say it was experiments of alchemists on Angels crossbreeding them with various animals, while others say it was the result of the impurity of an Angel society who ventured into the dark too much.

The Demons live in a hierarchy, in which a Royal Family rules their World. The Throne has launched an unprovoked attack on the Human World, invading their territory. A War arose that has been going on for 2 years now. The common treat Demons had is that they seek power over all, such is their hierarchy. The strongest are in charge, while the weaker ones are subdued.

Average age: 390-415 years

Elves are a relatively new race. They didn't exist until only 300 years ago. They are the result of interaction between Humans, Demons and Elves. The Humans and Demons stuck in the Angel World after the Demon – Human Conflict* started had to move on with their lives. As such, they started to accept the Angels, and the Angels them. From these unions, the "impure breed" came forth, later known as the Elves. Even though not openly discriminated against, or denied rights, the Elves have always been regarded as inferior to the Angels.

Elves have the typical feature of pointed ears. Though you may expect it, due to Angels and Demons both having wings, or possibility to have them, the Elves did not develop them. They remained quite true to the Human physique. Being the natural outcasts they were, Elves gathered and relocated to a massive rain forest near Mount Targon. There, the Elves prospered and grew out to become a society rivaling that of the Angels. Elves, however, are unable to ascend, unlike their Angel counterparts.

Average age: 120-150 years.

*Note that the Demon – Human conflict has been around for far longer than the Demon – Human War.

Lycanthropes are descending from Demons, the wolf Demon to be exact. Though there is not much known about the Lycanthropes, due to their tendency of staying away from populations and living in harsh or inaccessible territory, there is a variation of Lycanthropes that have been documented, going from lions, to tigers, hyenas, cougars and naturally wolves. Fox Lycanthropes do exist, but are often rejected by a pack due to their treacherous and selfish nature.

Lycanthropes can freely change between human and animal form, even a hybrid of such. The impure Lycanthropes cannot freely control this, and are reliant of either physical triggers or a certain stance of the moon. They live in packs and refuse to take up human society features, such as villages, houses or even the essence of hunting and collecting. 

Average age: 60-80 years.

Monsters are the spawn of vicious experimentation and dark forces. Any creature that cannot be defined as one of the known classifications, is automatically branded as “Monster”. Though this race does not hold the common meaning of the word monster, which is an abomination, or creature that means harm, there are plenty of Monsters intent on destruction. The majority of Monsters are engineered and then either broke free or were released into the wild.

Monsters have always been shunned by the majority. If it doesn't have basic humanoid treats, then people don't want anything to do with them. This shortsightedness has caused many Monsters to develop either a hatred or misunderstanding of other races and a natural dislike towards them.

Average age: 50-130 years.

Phoenixes are the embodiment of where the Angel Race started. With a corporeal immortality, phoenixes have a cycle in which they are born, live their life, then die in an inferno, which reduces their body to ashes. These ashes then, given time, reform into an egg and the cycle starts anew. Though the body cannot die of old age, due to its natural reboot, the personality of that lifetime is lost. A Phoenix can be millennia old, but not one cycle it will be the same person.

Phoenixes are commonly known in the Monster World. They keep to themselves and often are known for their stubbornness and pride.

Average cycle duration: 70 years

Mermaids have not been in contact with most other races, due to their secluded living area in the oceans of the Monster World. Their physique is similar to that of humans, though many things have different functions. For example, their breasts aren't to feed offspring, but instead function as air pockets, containing pure oxygen. Their "hair", as well as a "jacket", both of fins and membranes that are in essence filters, extracting the oxygen from the water.

Mermaids tend to be to themselves, always have been, but have shown interest in life above the surface. They are hermaphrodites, laying self fertilized eggs at a standard nesting ground and live in an own version of a hierarchy. Their female looks often makes them be referred to as females. They are formidable warriors and considerably strong underwater.

Average age: 40-75 years.
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MWRP - Races and Sub-Races
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