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 RP Character - C.C.

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PostSubject: RP Character - C.C.   Fri Jun 22, 2018 3:30 pm

Character Name:
- Eleanor Christine Courtenay / C.C.

Character Age:
- 34 years.

Character Height:
- 1.69 meter

Character Weight:
- 137 lbs

Character Eye Color:
- Amber

Character Hair Color:
- Bug Green

Character Gender:
- Female

Character Race:
- Mauran

Character Background:
Eleanor has a murky background, which no people know of. Nobody is aware of her parents, childhood or any of those details. Despite the lacking of a clear background, Eleanor is very forthcoming and gentle, often found helping people. Functional as a helo pilot for Search and Rescue at the coast guard in Arakai and a sports swimmer, Eleanor tends to use her nickname C.C., based on her last two initials. She believes firmly that helping each other is a way to salvation, which sometimes shimmers through as an ulterior goal she has.

Eleanor frequently visits the swimming hall in Arakai, but does her professional sports carreer in Nam'Ey. With both carreers to worry about, she has little time for the essentials and virtually none for private time. What little time she has she often spends with her colleagues from the C.G. or fellow swimmers. Yet what no other professional swimmer, or athlete for that matter, has done, C.C. did commit to. Teaching young kids how to swim. She's more than once voiced her concern that with the computer age coming up so swiftly, that physical exercize is neglected. With her extra effort she hopes to promote activity in the youth of today.

Character Description or Picture (For Reference, Optional):

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RP Character - C.C.
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