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 Vote of No Confidence

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Admin - Kai'Sa

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PostSubject: Vote of No Confidence   Tue Oct 10, 2017 5:58 pm

The Senate had disavowed the Alliance as traitors. They called a full retreat of all humans in other worlds and more importantly decided against any action to be taken against the invasion and murder of the Angel World at the hands of the Demons. In short, the Senate had made countless enemies in a mere 2 to 3 months of time. The only thing they had on their mind was self preservation. After all, you cannot rule when you or your subjects are dead. But, these actions had consequences they had not forseen.

As the Alliance waged their war in the Angel World, they had a thin line of defense in the Human World, against a possible agressive move coming from the Senate against them. Having militarized, again, the outposts of Brybier and Algogille, they had sent out a diplomatic envoy, however his negotiations fell on deaf ears. With the Alliance having no other options than to assume upcoming war, they fortified their positions, essentially forcing the Republic to follow their example. The only difference was, the Republic was more divided on the Senate's actions than the media was allowed to reveal. And that very rift became very obvious when the Senate ordered a full scale invasion of Brybier.


The squadron approached their target, all wings accounted for and ready for their bombing run. Emma checked her instruments one last time before she turned her targeting computer off. Bombing buildings was an easy task, it didn't require them to target using their equipment, it was the moving targets like convoys that were more evasive and hard to hit. Luckily, this time that wasn't the case. Well, luckily? Their objective was far from something you'd wish onto anyone. Seated in her cockpit, she saw the building getting closer by the second. The central Government Complex of Nam'Ey. Underneath them, people amassed on the streets, curiously looking up to the skies where the squadron of Yugon Class Combers approached the Senate Building. They were in for quite the surprise.

"All callsigns, ready for bombing run. Watch your targets and mark confirmed hits. Let's do this quick and clean." She received 5 "Yes commander" confirmations frmo her squadron, and not 5 seconds later they all passed over the Senate, releasing their payloads. Approximately 20 Torpedoes hit their marks, oblitering walls, compartments and entire sections of the Senate building. The city itself flared up in the panic of the people, seeing their own army turn against them, even though the civilians were far from their impact zone. Emma called in her squadron and had them all turn around for a secondary pass, but as the Senate came into view again, the sheer destruction changed her mind. "All wings, report back to hangar 11, our job's done. Let the grunts take over."

With the bombing run destroying much of the Senate Building's exterior and structural design, many of the Senators inside were stuck with their security forces. Since the security was practically personally hired by the Senate, they were considered corrupt and met the same end as enemies of the Republic, unless they surrendered. Sadly, most refused to and were met with heavy blaster fire from invading Republic troops. General Minho ordered his men forward and within minutes the Senate Hall was surrounded by an entire legion of Republic soldiers. Getting into the Hall was a different story, though, as most security forces were dug in inside and had a clear shot at any entrance.

Taking the central Senate Hall wasn't easy, but with a decoy maneuvre the Republic soldiers managed to outwit the Security forces and overpower them. The Senators were rounded up and arrested, along with whatever Security was left or smart enough to lay down their weapons. General Minho contacted his allies in the Military complex, informing them of their success. The Senate was theirs and for the first time in over a decade, they were free from the corruption of laid back Senators only caring for their own hides. The Republic Army now had control of the Human Republic, and it was about time they did what was long overdue. Help those in need and reunite their World under one government, instead of splitting up.

Emma looked at the smoke plumes behind her, rising from the Senate Building. She got the confirmation that their coup was successfull, but it would only be the beginning. Their short and fragile peace would soon have to step aside for another War. The only part she was glad about, was that it wasn't a war between the Republic and the Alliance.

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Vote of No Confidence
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