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 Land survey

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PostSubject: Land survey   Mon Jan 01, 2018 1:02 am

Akira jotted down another set of observations into his notebook as he studied the land around him. He had been sent to survey the southern area of Human World. While not specifically criminal detective work per say it fall into line with the world as an investigator. Thus, Akira found himself in an area that was devoid of civilization. Upon the discovery that the northern part of the Human world could sustain life, the higher ups had grown interested in the south. Did it have the resources to support complex life? A livable climate? Was anything there already, off the radar? Thus Akira had been brought in to survey the land. While not the most experienced land surveyor, he did have the skills to stay alive if he came across anything…unfriendly. Furthermore, this investigation was off the records. Public opinion had been quite negative to the idea of expending resources to cultivate the unoccupied land especially when the unemployment rate was so high. Thus, he was covertly hired and send out with state of the art equipment to see if it was plausible to live there.

Akira took another cursory glance about the landscape. The soil and water tests had confirmed that it was hospitable but there was minimal benefit for setting up a city here. There was nothing that could be sold or refined. The land provided little value aside from being unoccupied. Still that was only the land itself. Perhaps it held greater secrets just below the surface. Akira has seen some unusual deformations in the ground during one of his surveys. He initially passed it by due to the importance of scoping the land, however due to the lack of resources this was a good way to start. The deformations could allude to potential precious metals or other caves systems. Thus, when his shovel resounded with the impact of metal, Akira was surprised. Rock containing minerals he had expected but refined metal? Clearing out the area and shining alight down revealed what seems to be a metal hallway. Perhaps a relic base of the ancient war? This was potentially ground breaking. While Akira would consider their civilization to be advanced their ancestors were league ahead of them. Relic of them had been found, advancing technology by leaps and bounds.

Akira squeezed into the hallway and with a crash landed harshly on the metal floor. Flashlight as his guide he slowly began to explore, listening for any potential movement. Finally after what seemed like ages, he reached a dead end. It seemed to be a control panel of sorts, but what shocked him was the shattered window above it. The pieces fell into place. This wasn’t a base but a aircraft. He quickly began flipping switches and turning dial hoping something would work. As luck would have it upon on flick of a switch the machines came to life and lights flicked on.
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PostSubject: Re: Land survey   Mon Jan 01, 2018 1:04 pm

The air in the hallways was stale, to say the least. As if it'd been shut for centuries long.Which would match the visitors assessment of it being an old war machine, bunker or otherwise. The room he found himself in was not much unlike the bridge of ocean liners, granted not many got to see their interior. Perks of investigation. Centerpiece was a chair, bolted in place with no room to change its direction of view, and set on a podium of sorts, to emphasize the fact the commanding officer was above the crew. In a 180 degrees spread front of the chair there were panels, control stations, and beyond that, in the same half circle, glass. Windows that gave whoever was on the command bridge full view of the front and sides. And at his left side, a pile of odd-looking skeletons. Solid, weird heads and limb configuration that made them look more like machines than anything. Upon closer inspection they were revealed to be, in fact, machines. Droids of some sort. The best that modern technology could offer today was a mechanical arm that could make basic movements, like up, down, left, right and grab onto something. To find machines this sophisticated, this complex and compact.

The moment Akira hit the right switch, power relais blew out all over the bridge. A panel on his left completely blew out, minor metal fragments blowing through the room, as lights flickered. It took a couple seconds for the ancient machinery to get a grip and settle down in stationary drive, allowing Akira to observe the still functioning stations. At his right, one of the panels had come to life with a holographic image what could only be assumed to be the full picture of the structure. 825 meters in length, 426 meters wide and 243 meters high, this thing was massive compared to what was in use by the navy alone. The station indicated entire sections, mostly bottom areas, as red. Most likely pointing out destroyed areas.


In one of the cargo bays near the center of the ship, power surged through the racks. Lines of folded up droids like the ones on the bridge, all stowed away. The power, as it came back on, caused a minor ascade failure in one of the major carrier-like machines, which triggered the deployment protocol. The front hatch opened, and the droids were all placed on the deck plating in precise intervals. But as the facility lay slightly askew to the left, half the droids fell over after being released by the clamps. Of the full compliment of 112 droids, the cascade only affected one. All others were too rusted, but one droid specifically was in the most lucky spot to have been spared most effects of time. It unfolded and rose up, then grabbed a rifle that was attached to its own back, only to then realize nothing around it was working. Lights were dim, no other droids were active and its link with the central computer was severred. With no other imput available, it looked around confused before ultimately deciding the first thing it ever decided for itself. Move towards the bridge for instructions.
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Land survey
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