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 MWRP Rulebook

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Admin - Kai'Sa
Admin - Kai'Sa

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PostSubject: MWRP Rulebook   Fri Jan 29, 2016 11:41 am


This is the Rulebook for the MWRP Role Playing Site. All rules here will be looked into and applied to all people present, including owner, Admins and Mods. Failure to comply with these rules will initially cause a warning, up to 2 total before action is taken against the offending member. Ignorance is no excuse.

- Keep all topics PG-13 or R rated. Anything X Rated must be taken to Private messages but with that person's permission and the admins permission as well. Please provide both.

- No God Modding. You cannot use another person's character. They retain full control of their character.

- No Metagaming, using knowledge that your character doesn't possess but you as Role Player do. Keep yourself separated from your character. When someone has a certain ability which you read in their character sheet, yet your char never saw it, then your character doesn't know.

- Keep the swearing to a minimum. Both in character and out of character.

- Sexuality is prohibited in any way imaginable. Both posting actions, as posting pictures of this. What is allowed, is posting the fact that it occured, or indications of it having happened. Only with the concent of the other character and a Moderator or Site Owner.

- No Necroposting, posting on topics that haven't been replied to for at least 4 weeks. Exceptions are if your character does something that isn't every day like a yearly shopping trip.

- No Double Posting, if you do, accidentally, then please delete your last post, and add it to your former post. On rare occasions, you can be allowed to do so, but contact staff to prevent getting nailed on it.

- When posting always post the actions of your character in third person form and speech will be noted with Quotation marks or post with asterisks around your actions and nothing around your text when your character speaks.

- Use readable font and color. Some people have dyslexia, let's not make it any harder on them than it has to be.

- No double accounts or dodging bans. If you are banned, it'll be for a good reason. And no double accounts simply due to the fact it can be confusing and distracting for others.

- No spam or other excessive posting, or advertising. Both will be warnings at first offense, and bans at second offense.

Dice rolls

Dice rolls are used as the fighting system. Each character inheritely has 5 HP. This will not change, unless Administrators allow it to be different, but even then it will have to be solidly argumented. When 2 or more characters fight, they will have to perform Attack and Dodge checks. This is used by the dice system.

Using the dice system is in essense simple. When you're at a topic, click "Add Reply". Then, at the bottom, you'll see Options. Above that, is Roll Dice. There you can select the dice you roll, and how many of that. Simply select the Attack/Dodge and then post your post.

After you posted, an additional post will be added with the results of your roll. If the attack roll is higher than the dodge roll, the defender will lose 1 HP. If both are equal, or the attack is lower than the dodge, the attack will be dodged and neither character loses HP. If the attack roll is 10, and the dodge is 1, this will count as a critical hit. The defender will lose 2 HP instead of 1.

To prevent people from posting a chain of attack to instantly defeat a character, you can only perform 1 attack per post. Also, if multiple characters are in a topic, you may intercept an incoming attack. But this will count as a critical hit on whoever takes the hit. It's to prevent people from taking the hits all the time, but encourages teamplay and communication.

When a character reaches 0 HP, they are incapacitated. They'll be concious, but unable to fight, unless the character's owner makes their character pass out. Having a character die is a possibility, but will have to be dicussed with Administrator or Moderator as to how. We're not Final Destination, after all.

Last but not least, whenever a character exits battle, they'll recharge 2 HP every 24 hours, real time. It won't be very strict on timer, but give or take a day to regenerate 2 HP. Also means you have to keep the character out of combat, unless you're confident on your rolls or are supporting others, or getting support yourself.

Please keep to these rules and whenever you have questions, feel free to ask them.

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MWRP Rulebook
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