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 Chapter 4 - A Brave New World

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PostSubject: Chapter 4 - A Brave New World   Sat Dec 30, 2017 9:35 pm

Time, as we all know, passes. This time around, it has gone and went without us for quite a while. The Worlds lived on, some progressing while others deteriorated.

After the Corporate Alliance and the New Republic united their forces and ceased their conflict with each other, it allowed them to fully focus on the real threat. The Demon Empire. With their grip on the Angel World, the union made a strategy to completely overwhelm the Demons. While the Corporate Droid Army overran the defenses in the Angel World and quickly took over control with their vast numbers, the New Republic Army took the chance and invaded the Demon home.

Roach, one of the Triade Leaders, fought the final battle at the Temple of Serenity gallantly, but as the battle was drawn out indefinitely, Eleanor, who supervised the battle herself, decided it was time to end it, and ordered heavy bombardment of the Temple. With the destruction that came, Roach had no escape and fell along with the remainders of the Demon occupational force. His death tipped off Naya and Utlop, but not in time. Naya and Utlop were in yet another meeting, concerning the Eternum threat underneath their halls, when the New Republic blasted the door down. The Castle was overrun quickly, with half their armed forces out in the Angel World, and the humans had surprise on their side. Utlop aided the defense perimeter they created near the King's Hall to defend against the invaders. He fought well and raked up quite the killcount, but ultimately got crippled by a stray shot and was imprisoned.

Naya prioritized things differently. She saw the Eternum as too high a threat and knew that if the humans got wind of what was down there, they'd try to harness that power. She would rather the Demon race were to be subdued than eradicated by these Eternum. Sealing off the tunnels and collapsing a segment of the castle, she locked herself and the Eternum away, only to fight the creatures head on. Though she was no match against the Eternum on their full power, they had been starved half to death over the eons, and now in her berserk mode she managed to destroy all, before her own power destroyed who she was and consumed herself.

With all leadership eradicated from the Demons, the Demon World became a protectorate of the Humans by force, while the Angel World became a protectorate by will. Humans built a huge Republic, spanning over all three worlds, which survived for a 1000 years. Internal decay and corruption ultimately destroyed the Republic and the other worlds broke off. The Demons scattered throughout their own world as nomads and clans, with a single family holding onto King's Palace. The Angels retired to their home and began a spiritual quest, diving into the core of magic and rediscovering their roots. The humans fell into major decay and had a technological and social relapse that set them back massively.

Now, we're in a time of peace. Races are mixed and magic spread through the bloodlines. Humans, who inheritently do not have magical capabilities, adapted and grew to have an affinity for it. Magic is accepted as part of life. Humans explore it, Demons use it in conflict and Angels embrace it. With the mingling of blood, a new race also came to be, known as the Elves. Mostly a crossbreed of humans and Angels, Elves settled in sections of the Human and Angel Worlds and are recognized as an independant species.

The last war was 237 years ago. Humans are at a nuclear technological state and have recently discovered solar power. Angels live in harmony with nature, while Elves live in nature itself, as Demons roam their own world as nomadic packs. All the while, we roam this world. People, in all corners of this universe, finding our place in the grand picture. And making our mark.

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Chapter 4 - A Brave New World
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