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 Shya-ko - Quest Board

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Admin - Kai'Sa

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PostSubject: Shya-ko - Quest Board   Sat Apr 23, 2016 10:26 am

Namu Leah hung up another wooden piece, indicating a new quest. Lately, they'd been quite busy, and plenty of quests were taken and completed. Stepping to the side, Namu Leah made way for the quest board to become visible.

Grade 1: "Medic" Son hurt. Need Mithrix root. [1 Token]
Grade 1: "Best cake" Require special ingredients. Hard to find ethereal leaves from Dark Heart border. [1 Token]
Grade 1: "Misplaced" Equipment missing, please locate. [1 Token]
Grade 1: "Betrothed" Arranged marriage, please get me out of this. [1 Token]

Grade 2: "Outbreak" Cattle missing, please find. Possible location near forest. [1 Token]
Grade 2: "Get out" Harassment by local. Require help. [1 Token]
Grade 2: "Clean up detail" Apparent heavy polution near coast line, uncover and apprehend those responsible. [1 Token]

Grade 3: "Family" Daughter missing in forests, need immediate assistence. [2 Tokens]
Grade 3: "Shya Honor" Shyan Guards slacking off on duty. Find out who. [1 Token]

Grade 4: "Research" Researching phenomenon "mermaids", require extensive information, if possible, contact with live subject. [4 Tokens]
Grade 4: "Offensive" Large numbers of hostile creatures have been sighted. Require brave men and women to engage and thin out enemy numbers. [3 Tokens]

Grade 5: "Excelsior" Locate wreck of the lost transporter "Excelsior" and precious cargo. Includes hazard pay. [5 Tokens]

- The quest "Research" can be done by those with contacts already laid with mermaids, however the price for completing it will be halved in order to keep fair play for those who haven't yet contacted mermaids.
- The quest "Excelsior" is unavailable to Tendou, due to his knowledge of the wreck's location. Quest has been placed in response to his delivery of a fragment of the cargo, giving Shya-ko hope the wreck is still salvagable.
- Search X item quests will be done with rolls, to check whether said required item is found or not.
- Names for finding people who are guilty of crimes will be provided by an Admin. Do not make up yourself.
- Topics for the quest will be done with an Admin until further notice.

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Shya-ko - Quest Board
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