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 A New Power Rises

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PostSubject: A New Power Rises   Mon Feb 01, 2016 11:18 pm

Yasuo, the wind swordsman and currently #1 on the governments to kill list met up with several people who had all suffered from the recent events. Though none deemed his actions in Arakai correct or acceptable, they all knew his words had truth and were willing to listen. People from all areas had come. The werewolf, Nadia. The techjunkie, Gaige. The Angel, Astraria. And the Demonic Arms Kyuri, along with others. The only topic they had was simple. How were they gonna stop the Government from taking people with abilities or who are special and end this reign of terror. Gaige immediately came with the brilliant idea of just blowing up New Pendragon Governmental Complex. But the whole group instantly shut her down. "Come on, it's not like I gotta listen to y'all or anything. If you don't do it, I'll do it. Doesn't change anything for me." With her attitude she turned around, Deathtrap following. But she didn't get far, as Yasuo appeared in front of her, blade drawn. "You know I won't let you do that. We're all in this together."

The group had gathered around the two. Yasuo determined not to let Gaige take thousands of people down simply to have the public turn against them for terrorism, and Gaige confused how annihilating the Government in one strike doesn't solve their issues. Eventually, Gaige got tired of waiting and figured she'd put this over the top relic in his place before getting to the fun stuff. But she couldn't have been more wrong. The next couple of seconds, Gaige found herself outskilled, outwitted and outmatched by the swordsman. He'd seen too many battles and opponents to let this be the end of the not even started new world they'd build. Deathtrap suffered severe damage from the agile Yasuo and was near critical state. "Gaige, fighting isn't always the solution. I was taught this in a painful way. I hope you can see that you're with equals here. Which is why we won't send you away, but instead, why we hope you join our cause and help us instead of going at it on your own." He reached out his hand. Hesitating at first, she eventually decided having allies is better than to stand alone. "As long as I get to blow something up in that god forsaken building."

The group had decided and discussed many things in how their approach would be. The eventual plan was made to spread the news throughout Arakai. They'd start in the slums, then make their way to corporations and eventually the city center. Arakai would be their first step to freeing the world from this suppressing government. All knew their place and task and the news would be spread in a fast tempo. They even set up headquarters in the farm Astraria owned, at which point Ahri got involved too. Nadia took it upon herself with Astraria to teach the fox girl how to properly speak and communicate and discovered she was not only a capable fighter but quite the smart and cunning person. The group became an organization within a matter of days. Funding came from the involved Sarah Fortune, who had heard about the experiments done to Yasuo from the man himself and knew she wouldn't put it past the prime minister to do such a thing. With their funding coming from New Pendragon's legalized crime syndicate and their people going around all of Arakai spreading the word of their exploits, the organization soon became known as the ALF. Arakai Liberation Front. APU lost control of the amounts of posters and flyers were going around and the whole city was brewing with life on the promises and changes the ALF would do if they were supported. Soon, the world would look a whole lot different. But not in the way they had imagined.
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A New Power Rises
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