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 Escaping Captivity

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PostSubject: Escaping Captivity   Sun Jan 31, 2016 10:24 am

Rosaline sat in her cell, her right arm weighted down by the device they had augmented her with. She looked up through the cell 'window', into the night sky beyond. Simulated, of course, a video display to mimic the outside conditions. It told her when to sleep...when to eat, and when she was scheduled for experiments. They had poked and prodded her for over twenty many times that she sometimes wondered what else they could learn from her blood, her brain, and other bodily fluids they drew from her.

She winced as the device activated, siphoning off some of her powers to be used somewhere. The current experiment was to use her as a pseudo-battery, drawing from her as needed. She barely registered pain anymore though, but her body still reacted. The device also functioned as an amplification unit, taking her powers and increasing them to a greater degree.

Looking at the device, she thought to herself. She was between several layers of security, but she needed to escape somehow, end all this torture. She looked at the screen again, a time appearing on the display: 23:30. Her scheduled 'bedtime' was midnight...that's when the bed would automatically fold out, and she'd have to get in before the device would stop draining her.

Wearily getting up, she walked to the cell bars. One of the guards she knew well was snoring away at his desk. She looked again at the time: 23:35. She looked around the cell, thinking. To attempt an escape was crazy, and after the last escape, they'd placed her on lock down, so an escape was going to be that much harder.

She sat down again, leaning against the wall. Her daughter would be grown up now, a woman of her own right. Just seeing her would be enough now, after all this time apart. She didn't have to know that she was her mother...all she wanted to do was know if she was safe. She resolved that tonight would be the night that she escaped.

When 23:45 appeared on the clock, another twitch came from Rosaline as more power was drained. That would be the last withdrawal...both for tonight, and for the rest of her days. 00:00 appeared on the display, and the bed folded out as the clockwork started. It was now or never, so she approached the lock on the cell door, the device repelling her hand away from it as she tried to disengage the lock. She, through the device, overloaded the lock, and made a break for the door as the alarm sounded. If there was one thing she was thankful for over the past years of experimentation, it was the fact that she had gained some degree of mastery over her abilities. She hurried through the halls, knowing she wouldn't have much time before armed forces showed up to subdue her and put her in an even more secure cell. She broke lock after lock, and the locks she couldn't short, she weakened and destroyed through her ability. Not even the pain from hot metal could deter her from escaping tonight.

She kept running, locking some doors behind her by reengaging circuits. A few bullets struck her as she ran through the outside exercise yards, but she kept going. If she didn't get through the final gate, she could say goodbye to freedom and any hope she had of finding her dear Lysandra ever again. She broke through the final gate, another bullet hitting her in the arm. She ignored the shooting pain coming from her shoulder, making her way into the treeline outside the facility she was locked up in. Her first taste of freedom in over twenty years, and she was already paying for it... "I'll be there soon...Lysandra. Wait for me."
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Escaping Captivity
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