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 Character - Erden Khaazin

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PostSubject: Character - Erden Khaazin   Sun Jul 22, 2018 6:08 pm

Character Name: Erden Khaazin
Character Age: 21
Character Height: 5ft. 8in. (Base) / 6ft. 2in. (Hybrid)
Character Weight: 160 lbs.(Base) / 250 lbs. (Hybrid)
Character Eye Color: Amber/Yellow (cats eye)
Character Hair Color: Brown (Base) / White fur
Character Gender: Male
Character Race: Parusian
Character Background:

Callan and Altha Khaazin are the parents of Erden. They met at a trade market in the Golden City with both having a few simple relics of the past to trade. Noticing this they got to talking to each other, learning about their passion of history, and their desire to know about why Rhiza is in ruins. They barter or sell most of their finds, that tell little or nothing new, and that is then used to fund more exploration.

During one of their explorations, when Erden was only 2 years old, they had started to find an increasing number of ruins and artifacts. They had to stop searching there though because they had a young Erden to worry about and the creatures were becoming increasingly more dangerous and numerous.

Erden Khaazin continued to be raised in the wilderness of Rhiza. By age 5 he cold pick out edible food, water, and help track animals in the forest. By the time he was 10 his parents taught him swordplay and how and when it was best to transform for both travel and fighting. When he turned fifteen he was allowed to go off on his own to explore within a days travel. During one of these early explorations Erden found himself an ancient sword that surprisingly held no rust or serious damage, just mild use and was still sharp. During the next trip to the Golden City his parents allow him to get a tattoo matching the swords shape and crest to commemorate his first solo find. By the time he was 18 his thirst for knowledge of Rhiza's history was as strong as his parents. He had come to believe that at some point in the past the Parusians were probably a thriving civilization that at the very least created the City of Gold. Once he was 21 Erdan realized he wanted more for himself and his people. His goals in life have expanded from wanting to just learn Rhiza's history to also creating a safe place for Parusians to grow and prosper. Erden knows it will be a very difficult task to do alone and as such has decided he needs to get help to find a large enough ruin, most likely in the jungle, to restore into a livable city.

Erden's plan is to go to Maurana and try to get a team together to start accomplishing his goal. Upon explaining his ideas to his parents they agree to support him the best they can. They tell him about the place they had come across when he was a child. Telling him how they were finding a lot but the danger was getting to a point the two of them couldn't handle. They give him a copy of the map of the areas they have already explored. Also telling him they will keep searching as they have been and send as much as they can safely spare to help fund his mission.

Character Description or Picture (For Reference, Optional):




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Character - Erden Khaazin
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