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 Character - Brigitte Courtenay

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PostSubject: Character - Brigitte Courtenay   Fri Jul 13, 2018 11:25 pm

Character Name: Brigitte Courtenay
Character Age: 23
Character Height: 5'1"
Character Weight: 110 lbs
Character Eye Color: Brown
Character Hair Color: Ash Brown
Character Gender: Female
Character Race: Mauran
Character Background: The Courtenay family had their own residence in the far North, just shy of the Northern Barrier. 250 years ago, that  residence, which more resembled a castle, came under siege, for whatever reason, and resulted in a near full out war. In the end, the castle fell and was severely damaged, the survivors of the families being dragged to Nam'Ey and tried for anything they could pin on them.

150 years later, after the Mauran government had been renewed over and over, a lost heir of the Courtenay bloodline returned to the ruins of their once mighty keep. There, he built up his own house, and began what's now known as Oakwood, a small village under the watchful eye of the ruined castle. With his influence in the government, he managed to separate the village from the rule of Maurana, creating it into a city state.

Today, Brigitte, one of the Courtenay daughters, is liaison to the Mauran government. She resides in Nam'Ey, has regular trips home, and still has a pretty deep resentment for Maurans, though many in her family have told her not to generalize. She's picked up the family trait of mechanical engineering, and is one of the modern day blacksmiths of their state. Well, self appointed, that is. She screws around with tech when she finds the chance, and loves digging through history, seeing the machines of ancient times, wondering what was used whatfor.
Character Description or Picture (For Reference, Optional):
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Character - Brigitte Courtenay
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