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 RP Character - Astaroth Murrpau

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PostSubject: RP Character - Astaroth Murrpau   Tue Jul 03, 2018 8:31 pm

Character Name: Astaroth Murrpau
Character Age: 31
Character Height: 5'3"
Character Weight: 125 lbs
Character Eye Color: Yellow with Black Sclera
Character Hair Color: Dark Blue
Character Gender: Female
Character Race: Caern
Character Background: Astaroth grew up in Maurana as Astaroth Lillianna, and in her earlier years already recognized the her being different from the rest of her peers. Always being disregarded, excluded and straight up ignored at occasion, Astaroth grew more and more hateful towards Maurans. The only counter force was her mother, who kept her daughter at bay to avoid a legal conflict or persecution. However, as puberty hit, Astaroth became rebellious and it wouldn't be long before she crossed the line.

At the age of 17, Astaroth got into an argument with a girl at school, which resulted in the girl being hospitalized. Astaroth was arrested for assault and spent 1 year in juvi, before being transferred to federal prison. 2 years after that, she was released, on parol, and instantly sought out her mother and sister. Though the first weeks were rough, Astaroth managed to slide back into the family, and be part of it again.

Years after, she met another Caern, Belial.Belial just came out of a rough divorce, and it took visual toll on the man. Astaroth thus took it upon herself to help him through the issues, which resulted in a solid friendship. However, for Astaroth, their relationship felt way beyond friends, but to avoid losing the one good friend she connected with, she refused to reveal her feelings. Until the day came that he asked her out.

Many years later, Astaroth finds herself running many affairs for the Murrpau family, the last remainder of the once great Caern Royal Bloodline. Despite, or because of, her past with the Maurans, Astaroth seeks to rebuild her homeworld, especially now with the last Bloodline found, in the hopes of restoring a peaceful coexistence with Maurana. But each path results in war, destruction or ruin. With no clear idea of how to even begin something of that scale, she primarily focuses on internal affairs and her own daughter, Asmodeus, who started her senior year in highschool.

Character Description or Picture (For Reference, Optional):

Family Tree:
Belial (father of Asmodeus and Beelzebuth):
Arioch (brother of Belial):
Astaroth (mother of Asmodeus,current wife of Belial):
Nyarla (sister of Astaroth):
Alfeene (mother of Beelzebuth, ex-wife of Belial):
Melfis (sister of Alfeene):
Harima (cousin of Belial):
Mephisto (cousin of Astaroth):
Hanzou (cousin of Alfeene):
Beelzebuth (son of Belial and Alfeene and half brother of Asmodeus):
Asmodeus (daughter of Belial and Astaroth and half sister of Beelzebuth):
Nobuyasu (son of Nyarla cousin of Beelzebuth and Asmodeus):

(Will edit this more later)

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RP Character - Astaroth Murrpau
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