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 Major Update - Missions

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Admin - Kai'Sa

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PostSubject: Major Update - Missions   Mon Sep 11, 2017 10:56 pm

Hello Guest,

Welcome to the major update. There's gonna be quite a few things to talk about that will be changing soon, if they haven't already. Some of these subjects are the Combat System, relations to the Worlds as a character and the term “Magic”. All these things will be addressed in the near future and will be worked on to the fullest by our Staff team. Of course the opinion of our community is very important to us, since they've helped us build this to what it is today, so if anyone has any questions, suggestions or ideas, feel free to post them in General Discussion.

So, onto the things that have already been worked on and have been fine-tuned and are ready for public use. Adapting the Quest System that was presented we've discussed its lack of use, but we figured out that it wasn't a flawed system, but rather the wrong time to implement it. So what we decided to do is instead of just throwing the whole idea in the trashcan, we're recycling it and remaking it, customizing it to our current situation. This will be known as the Mission Initiative.

Now, to get started, let's talk about the Mission Initiative, or MI for short, for a bit. The MI will function pretty much the same as the Quests used by Shya-Qo, but these missions are gonna affect the state of the Worlds around you and how the people or governments view your character. This is to make the consequences of your actions as a character more realistic and have the surroundings react to what your character does. For one, this allows the RP itself to keep trolls in check a lot better, since people will have direct repercussions for their actions, but it also allows the characters to influence the Worlds around them and how the events progress.

The MI will have an open Mission Board in each World that has a “faction.” A faction is a fully active and organized community, with a government, people and usually a military. Currently there are 4 major factions present in MWRP's Universe. These are the Human Republic, the Human Corporate Alliance, the Demon Empire and the Angel Enclave. Each of these 4 is considered an independent faction, self sufficient and capable of defending their homes and their people. Your characters will be able to perform missions for each of these factions, depending on their standings with them. Now you must be wondering what standings are. Standings is simply put how a particular faction views your character. Take for example a bouny hunter. He was born in the Demon World, but rejected their rule and moved to the Human World, where he grew up and became an integrated person in their society. Thus, the bounty hunter will be able to take up missions in the Human World, because he is accepted there as a citizen, aka, he has a good standing with the Human World. However, if he were to go to the Demon World, he couldn't accept missions there due to the fact that he is considered a Human citizen, who are currently at war with the Demons. So if he were to arrive in the Demon World, he would be arrested or even executed on sight. So as you can see, these standings will affect how free your characters are to do what they wish and so on.

There will be 2 different types of standings. 1 is of importance to an individual character, while the other is of importance for an entire faction. These are the Personal Standings, or PS, and the Factional Standings, of FS. Personal Standings are how the relations are between your character and a faction. These standings will be viewable in your Character Sheet. They will affect how the local governments respond to your presence, such as explained above, if your have a terrible standing with the Human World, the local police will have an arrest warrant out for you, or even a kill order. To increase these standings you can perform missions for the faction you wish to increase your standing with, or perform special feats for these factions, such as winning a fight or finding a special item during an event.

FS, the Factional Standings, are the standings of an entire faction. They will mostly be of use for the Staff and for those who are designing story or who simply wish to know it, as they'll determine how capable a faction is of managing their internal and external affairs. For example if a faction has very low FS, it will result in riots, coups or even if it drops to 0, the dissolving of the entire faction. Note that a faction is not equal to the World it's located in. The Demon Empire is not the entire Demon World, it simply is the primary faction that controls most of their home world. As missions and events are completed by characters, the FS will increase or decrease, depending on their success and performance. So while a war is going on, completing missions will not only improve your PS with the faction you fight for, but will also improve the FS of that same faction if you're successful.

Now onto the actual missions. These missions won't just be there to help a faction or your Standings towards a faction, but they're also a way for your characters to improve, develop and for you to earn points in the form of credits. These credits will be assigned to the character that earned them and can be spent on the Store. To keep track of the amount of credits each single active character has we'll be keeping an updated topic in which all active characters are mentioned, along with their race, PS's and their amount of credits. The items obtainable in the shop will be OOC items, thus you cannot use a character's iC wealth to purchase things at this shop.

These missions will have 2 difficulty grades. Tier 1 and Tier 2. Tier 1 missions will be the easier missions that generally can be completed with 1 character. Completing it with multiple characters is possible.

Tier 1 missions are the easier missions. Failing them will not result in standing loss, since they aren't essential and you didn't fail the faction, or cost them resources or income. They'll also result in relatively low increases upon success. FS increase will be counted for the entire mission result, while the PS will count for each character individually. Tier 1 missions can range from search and collect items, to discovering local secrets of the public, all the way to escort services.

Tier 2 missions will be the tougher work, and failing these WILL result in FS and PS loss. They'll be harder to complete and generally will require a team of at least 2 characters. However, if successful, the FS and PS will increase a lot faster than with Tier 1 missions.

Whenever you've selected a mission from the Mission Board, let the Staff know by posting on the specific Mission Board which mission you will be taking up. If you are taking up a mission with others, make sure all members of the mission team post. A Staff member will then confirm and authorize your mission and they'll get into contact with the group to prepare a proper time and date for the mission to be done. The missions will be performed in topics run by “NPC Account”, who will set everything up. If there are any question concerning the mission or how it will run, ask the NPC Account for the details.

After a mission is completed, you will get a small after action report with the results. Depending on the results being positive or negative, the Standings will be adjusted accordingly. After having completed a mission, you cannot perform another mission for the next 2 days. This applies to the account owner, not the individual character.

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Major Update - Missions
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