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 Initial Draft - Missions

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PostSubject: Initial Draft - Missions   Mon Sep 11, 2017 5:00 pm

Missions are done for a factions. Each faction has a standing, starting at the first release of the Missions at 1500. If factions are at war with each other, their standing will determine how strong they are and how high their chances are at winning the war. With that, each char will have factions standings, meaning their standing towards a particular faction. At creation, these standings are given a base setting, that works with the character's background and story. During the time the character progresses, completes missions and takes sides in conflicts or such, their standings will increase or decrease with certain factions. E.g. If a character has good standing with the Human Republic, but a lesser standing with the Human Corporate Alliance, and they perform a mission that benefits the Republic, their standing with the Republic will increase, while their standings with the Alliance will decrease. Standings will only be affected by missions or behavior in Events, and if their actions affect the factions directly, thus whether the factions are aware of the actions of the individual character.

Factional standings will determine a faction's strength, both economically and military. Certain stepping stones will be implemented to indicate major decreases in their capacity, e.g. when a factions drops to below 1000 Factional Standing it will be more susceptible to attacks or invasions. If the FS [Factional Standing] drops below 500, riots will break out and civil unrest, and if it hits 0, the faction ceases to exist. Change of government or leadership within a faction does not change the standing, the new government has to deal with the standing that's provided by their predecessors.

Personal Standings [PS] will start at 100. The higher your PS to a faction, the better liked you are and the more access or privileges you have. If your PS to a faction is Under 50, you're under scrutiny, losing several privileges or access to areas. If your PS is under 20, you're wanted and there will be a warrant for your arrest. At 0 PS, there's a kill order on your head.

Through Rp with factional officials, such as Head of State, local police or army and generally making a good face for yourself, you will increase your PS. However, through crime, trolling and vandalism, you'll lose PS. Thus if a character does something in public that affects the view of the faction they're in at that point, notifiy Staff in Discord or over a PM on the Forum of the actions, and they'll adjust your Ps accordingly.

>> PS will be shown on your Profile. FS will be shown in a separate topic.

Missions themselves will be provided missions per faction. Some are gonna be low tier missions, often solo missions with little payout and little standing increase/decrease. Other missions will be advanced, will often require two or more characters and have improved standings increase/decrease and better payout. Also, once a month, a major event will be organized in which characters can gain standings and earn solid payout.

Payout will be done in credits. These credits will be transferred to your account and usable in the Store. The Store will contain items to help out characters in terms of gear, supplies or special items. There will also be a shop section in which you can purchase OOC content, such as a premade character, special ranks or the sorts. As these missions progress and the Store expands, things may change and be removed/added to the Store.

>> Credits will be shown on your profile.

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Initial Draft - Missions
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