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 Chapter 0 - Origins

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Admin - Kai'Sa

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PostSubject: Chapter 0 - Origins   Sun Sep 10, 2017 11:52 am

Origins. The beginning of time. The creation of these worlds. They all had origins. Before these 4 worlds, 4 dimensions existed, there were 2 powers, 2 essences. Order and Chaos. Light and Dark. The common Good and Evil that so many know and cling to. These two forces clashed, and in the midst of their battle, left behind destruction in their plain of existence of a grand scale. After eons of conflict, one of their confrontations left behind something new. Amidst the destruction in the vortex of light and dark, a world came to be. The first of 4. The monster world. Within this world, both forces took form. A man and a woman. The Demon and the Angel. Dark and Light. The two agreed to cease their direct battles and instead focused their attention on the world their found themselves upon. Stripped of their celestial forms and powers, they created living creatures to abide their wills and fight with and for them. Over the many years, many different creatures came to be, and the wars between the just and the passionate consumed the world. Having depleted most of their strength and life force, both the man and the woman withdrew from the world and created their own worlds. The Demon World and Angel world, both creating it to their image and influencing things on them as time went on.

Over the millenia that followed, the races developed, evolved and devolved, until they found a way to cross the time and space gaps separating them. They found a way to crack open the boundaries of their own worlds and travel through the Origin Plain. Though they had no knowledge of what they'd in reality done, they utilized their new ways of transportation to visit each others worlds. After first contact it became clear that each side held onto the same ideals as the force that had created them, and the Origin Wars began, annihilating the sheer existence of each side, until eventually their conflict, like that of the two beings, created a 4th world. The Human world. The creation of the last world caused a power surge, draining nearly all life force of both beings. With little to no life left, both the man and woman went into a slumber, hiding themselves from their worlds and each other. The worlds, for the first time, were left to decide and act on their own, without the influence of their creators.

The human world advanced on its own, starting the human race as non magical beings. Demons and Angels were magical, bound by the fate of the Demon and the Angel. The Monster world was the cradle of their power, and their existence. Over time, things settled and the beings of light and darkness would be forgotten. Not even remnants of their presence or previous power remained. Now, the 4 worlds developed extensively and their cumulative magical power is starting to match what had been used in previous times, during the Origin Wars. Which had consequences...

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Chapter 0 - Origins
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