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 Monster World Role Play - What are we?

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Admin - Kai'Sa

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PostSubject: Monster World Role Play - What are we?   Sun Sep 03, 2017 5:32 pm

Hello Guest,

If this is your first visit, we'd like to welcome you to our humble little establishment. We've had this Forum for quite some time and through a lot of hit and miss, we've gotten where we are now. But let's start with who we are.

Monster World Role Play

We're a group of Role Players, specifically Sylveraine, Shade, Nyuu-Chan353 and steafen, who all 4 together started this Role Playing Site in May 2012. Yeah, that's already 5 years ago when this topic was posted. And we're still around. Those 4 people Role Played a lot, and together, the story became more and more complex.

The core of what this Site revolves around is a universe, fantasy. There are 4 Worlds, wannabe dimensions. Each dimension, or World, has their own races, flora, fauna and design. These Worlds are connected to each other with Gateways. Think Stonehenge, but then with energy fields in the entrances that allow travel to Gateways in the other Worlds.

The 4 Worlds

Maurana - Human World

Maurana, also the Human World, is a technologicly advanced society spread throughout their domain. While there are culture that resent the technology they have come to rely on, tyhe bulk of people live in the large cities towards the center of the world, protected by the central government. The outer areas of the world are more natural, with large forests and oceans. There you may often find farms, or smaller villages.

While the diversity is great in Maurana, there is a common ancestor to them all. Trade. Even the smaller villages often engage in trade with outsiders or each other, just like the large companies in the cities. This is reinforced by the fact that in the past, many of the gateways have been spared a grim fate from construction workers, as now they functions as main supply lines to and from the other worlds.

Sylva - Angel World

The Angel World, or Sylva, is a natural wonder. Everything in Sylva is taken care of by a very specific design, and everything has to be perfect. the flora, fauna and the Sylvians all live in a harmony dictated by the Sylvian belief of ascension. Though none have actually achieved this feat, they are headstrong that their methods are the right ones. Sylva contains 6 Gateways, spread throughout the land, from cities to the forests.

Sylvians produce everything from the nature around them and give back to the nature around them in a symbionce that benefits both. The structures built in the main cities are often found to be beyond their ability to create, though the Sylvians assure outsiders it is their creation.

Caern - Demon World

The world of Caern, also known as the Demon World, is a volcanic wasteland that stretches throughout the entirety of the world. Across the wastes there are hubs of plantlife, flora that survived and adapted to the harsh environment. Many now share the treats with their surroundings, such as the poisonous Caeris, a black fruit that's poisonous due to its proximity to lava flows. Caern themselves have built up an immunity against the toxicity of the world they live in, but for trespassers it's very dangerous and unhospitable.

Caern holds a total of 3 Gateways, one of which is in the blocked off Murrpau Castle Ruins, which are positioned dead center in Caern. Though the palace ruins still stand, the Murrpau family, which once ruled their world for generations, is all but gone. The Caern that still live here have come to gather as nomads and raid groups, roaming the lands in search of resources, manpower or to cause chaos.

Rhiza - Monster World

Rhiza is a lot like Sylva, except for the symbiosis that is in effect in Sylva sorely lacks in Rhiza. Rhiza is a far more violent and rugged jungle, than Sylva's lush forests and fields. Rhizeans are taught from early age the rules of the world, where it's sometimes the struggle to survive. The empire the Rhizeans have built up is based in the former ruins of the Golden City, a massive city adorned with gold situated in the center of a desert.

Though the immediate surroundings of the city are flourishing in green, the far reaches of this central desert are still a wasteland, which in turn is surrounded by the massive jungle and oceans of the Monster World itself, with many hidden treasures and creatures.

The Role Play

So now you know what the setting is. Relations between the worlds change as we progress RP, and over time some of the Worlds undergo changes as well. We try to keep everything alive here, to make people see that even if there's inactivity, we try to keep the story going. Characters that have been accepted can always move freely between worlds, as long as the current state allows it. For example, a character may go from the Human to the Monster World, but if there's a national alert in the Human World prohibiting travel, all characters currently in the Human World are stuck there and none can enter.

Of course the Administration will keep close communication with the RP'rs about the updates, progression and is always open for ideas. If a certain event or update is too harsh, too drastic or simply creates problems, this will be reviewed by the Admins and changed accordingly. After all, what's the point of having the story continue if nobody ever wants to Role Play?

Getting Started

Now that you know who we are, and what we do, you can get started by making your character here. You can find the Character Sheet in there as well, which you will require to create your character. It will then be reviewed by our Staff as soon as possible. If anything is wrong with it, or unacceptable, you'll be contacted by the Staff member that reviewed it and asked to alter the points they point out. You can always explain why something should be allowed, or why something isn't wrong, but we ask you to above all respect the judgment of our Staff.

Once you have a character, you can start Role Playing. Keeep in touch with our community here, in our Discord channel, or if you have any questions. You may also PM Staff Members here.

We hope to see you soon!

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Monster World Role Play - What are we?
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