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 Chapter 3 - The Purge

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Admin - Kai'Sa

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PostSubject: Chapter 3 - The Purge   Sun Sep 03, 2017 4:51 pm

The Human - Demon War has ended. With the devastation of Cynabal by the use of a nuclear weapon the Demon invasion force had no other options than to withdraw. It was either that or be annihilated. With 1 last battle at the evacuation zone, the Demons finally left the Human World and ended the years long conflict that had cost millions of lives as is. After the Demons retreated, the forces that made it out alive realized that upon their return there was no leadership at the home base. The King had been assassinated and his daughter was missing for years already. Seeing her opportunity, Naya ceized the throne and took over command as the military superior leader. Roach escaped the Human World weeks later and returned, only to become her right hand and second in command. Together they planned a renewed invasion and got rid of the incompetence in their ranks, which they'd witnessed first hand.

As the War had been over for a month, the Angel Mishaela approached Naya and Roach, offering them a proposal. She had accumulated a solid amount of followers for her cause, the purification of the Angels. Too many had become impure, mixing themselves with human or demon blood, or even animals, and it was destroying their unity. Mishaela offered the Demons all impure Angels as prisoners for them to do with as they pleased. Naya saw potential in the plan, and even looked firther. Once the Angels had been properly weakened, they could go for the throat and completely take over the world for themselves. Of course Mishaela had already thought about this and made insurances, such as booby traps throughout the Angel world that she would keep conceiled. The two sides came to an eventual agreement that benefitted both sides.

The Purge, as it became known, started not 2 days after the meeting between Mishaela and Naya. Demon forces marched into the Angel World with little to no resistance. 7 days straight the White Order of the Angels assumed control and ran blood checks on every Angel they could get their hands on. More than half the Angel population was tagged and bagged, handed over to the Demon invasion force. Roach was on location, commanding all Demons there. He kept Naya in the loop every couple hours, making sure everything went down as they'd planned.


- Currently, the Purge is still ongoing. Angels in the Angel World that aren't pureblood will be pursued. Angels may seek refuge in the Human World. The Human Republic Senate is in disarray concerning the topic, no official stand has been taken.

- Demon characters can be involved in the Purge. They will answer directly to Roach [Omega Shadow] or Naya [Sylveraine]. Contact these members for more information.

- The Monster World is open for RP. Previously unused, it now houses the beginnings of Shya-Qo, fisherman's village near the western coast. Also, 2 characters live in the Shyan Mountains, also known as the Vastaya Mountains.

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Chapter 3 - The Purge
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