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 Character - Demon

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PostSubject: Character - Demon   Thu Jun 08, 2017 11:32 pm

Name: Cole "Belthazor" Turner
Age: 227
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Gender: Male
Race: Demon
Background: Cole was born from the disgraceful union of a female demon and male human. After birth, his mother was forced to murder her boyfriend, related to the future of their child in the demon world and some getting suspicious of her actions. She brought her son to the demon world and the two grew up there, under the watchful eye of the late Demon King. In his early years, Cole showed no aptitude to any specific ability, power or skill. He trained martial arts to keep up, but it was far from enough. However, that changed once he hit 30. He started to train with people that acknowledged him for who he was, and most notably, his determination. One of these people was from the Daion family. With the Daion, he learned how to get a handle on electricity, something he seemed to have a slight aptitude for. After a while, he managed to create electricity orbs, lethal and quick.

After many more years of training, the war finally started. During it, he met Riyo and got talking with her. Though his demeanor is a lot calmer and a lot more calculative than most, he definitely showed his confidence and wasn't afraid to pick a fight. Or end one. In his conversations with Riyo, she let the Shading ability drop once, by accident. Having piqued his interest, he requested she tell him of it, and in some of the nightly hours after all activity in the palace died down, they would train together. Much like with his electricity, Cole however did not manage to copy the ability, but instead he developed a like-wise, yet unique ability, which he called Shimmering. While Shading turned the person into shadows, allowing them to move anywhere and through anything, Shimmering dissolved a person entirely and teleported, if you will, the person to another location. With it came an obvious danger, to get stuck in objects, so the ability was limited to knowing a location and whether anyone was there at that moment or not. Aside from that, it took a lot of focus and considerably energy, allowing it to be as much as a transportation tool, but hardly usable in combat.

While the war raged on, Cole chose to remain on their side of the gate. He did not see much for him there, being a tool and pawn, to die in a pointless conflict. Instead, he chose to function as a right hand, of sorts, a well known Demon, feared and respected. After the King was assassinated, a new organ was put in place to fill the power vaccuum until the heir or a new capable leader arose. The Triade. While Cole was more than capable, he did not have such ambitions. It was easier to see someone run a nation and criticize, plus he didn't want to make such mistakes that would cost him everything. He now is one of the top level Demons around and resides in the Human World, off the grid, keeping his eyes out for the heir of the former king.
Description or Picture (For Reference, Optional):
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Character - Demon
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