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 Wander My Friends [Open]

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PostSubject: Wander My Friends [Open]   Fri Mar 03, 2017 5:13 am

Wander my friends, wander with me.

Heavy treads dug their way through the soft ground beneath, tearing into the moistened soil that had only began its respite from the light rain that passed so soon. Each boot fell onto the sodden earth in slow and ponderous steps. Each one calling for direction and correcting the course as time went on.

Like the mist on the green mountain, moving eternally.

Sheltered eyes scanned the horizon from behind a featureless face, taking in what was abound and what was scarce. The morning dew had yet begun its fade into oblivion; the rainfall from the night afore only adding to the mist that clung to the crests rising about the landscape surround. Though, here was not the time to stop, nor was here the time to seek rest. Even with the bay behind him, the man knew he needed to continue.

Despite our weariness, we’ll follow the road.

Eyes of verdant green stared through the artificial projection of the world before them, taking in the augmented reality of his armour system’s helmet. With the sun barely arise and the clouds still clinging to the silver disc on high, his eyes only saw what the artificial enhancements of his suit gave him. Still, Jason Kenistan marched on.

Over hills and valleys

Dull grey and featureless, the interlocked plates of his armour system served only to blend him in against the fog of the feeble light ushering dawn. Having trekked hundreds of kilometers in search of his quarry, the mercenary knew he neared his destination. Most of his time on the trail was often spent stalking a path through the thick forests along the northern shores of the Bay of Ghaal. Only recently was he afforded the luxury of traveling along the plains in between mountain ranges until coming across yet another forest.

To the end of the journey.

Now, Jason Kenistan, mercenary for hire, wandered endlessly through the contested territories that lay bare and virgin between demon and human lands. With little more than a hundred kilometers separating him from the demon border and Arnon, he did well to stay hidden and ever vigilant in these forests. For now he neared his destination, and he neared the completion of his task.

Wander my friends, wander with me, forever.

Taking in a deep breath, he began his descent down the cresting knoll and into the forest down below. His hands tightened their grip on his battle rifle as he thought back to the last time he had seen any humans. As far as he tracked it, and as far as his suit’s computer logged it, there had been a mere twenty-three days since his last contact with anyone. Since then, he had mostly kept to himself with thoughts thinking back to the last time he was in the area. Since then, he had only been muttering on in ceaseless conversations with his friends and battle brothers that he carried with him.

“Another day’s hike,” he muttered then let out a sigh, his lips curling into a smile. He knew not for why he smiled. If anything, it should have been grief. Yet, he marched on for firmly attached to his armour, was a pack containing the ashes of his fallen battle brothers. Their names stamped to the canisters that he carried.

“Another life.”
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Wander My Friends [Open]
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