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 Retaking of Arnon

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Admin - Kai'Sa

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PostSubject: Retaking of Arnon   Thu Jan 26, 2017 1:47 am

The morning sun just rose as Commander Mara looked at the mountain ridge in front of them. She stood on the bridge of one of their 7 Destroyers, the Defiant. Around them they had 15 LA-AT Gunships, most of which were carrying AT-TE Walker Tanks. In trooper transports, the full battallions of Algogille were transported over the ground. Their attack was going to come down hard. But costly, as well.

As the first bursts of darkred energy came their way, Mara ordered 3 Destroyers to block off their aim on the Gunships and Walkers. Those were essential for the assault. The enemy's artillery fire melted through the Destroyers, and not a minute later, all three defensive Destroyers were annihilated. But as a strategical mind, Mara had already seen their opening. Right through the debris of the middle Destroyer, the Defiant and its 3 sisters flew straight at the defenses. Torpedoes and ion cannons made short work of the Artillery defense. They suffered a great loss in the attack on Eystur, their local leader and most of their air support had been shredded.

After the Destroyers had bombarded most of the artillery defense, the Gunships flew over the walls and into the frey, dropping off AT-TE's close to the gate. 2 Walkers stayed, to secure that position, while the rest slowly started moving forward. 2 Demon Fighters tried to take off, but got shot down almost instantly. 4 of their Beasts were unleashed, no doubt the last ones they had here. But they, too, stood no chance against the thick armor and heavy weapons of each walker.

One of the Demons took charge, and lunged at one of the Gunships. After slicing his way through the troopers on it, hetook out the pilot, then flew the gunship straight into a walker, jumping out at the very last second. This way, the Demons managed to take down another 2 walkers, and another Gunship alone. But the weapons were too powerful, and as walkers started to fall, the Destroyers moved into position, blasting Demon after Demon into the air.

Mara had preferred to have been down there, cutting throats, but she was required to lead the attack from the command center on the Defiant. Most of the Demons got away, fleeing into the savannah with the devastating victory her forces had given them. Despite that, it had cost them 3 AT-TE walkers, 4 LA-AT Gunships, 17 troopers and 3 full Destroyers. A very costly price to pay. As she walked into the office, ravaged as it was frmo its former Demon inhabitants, she couldn't help but feel a flurry of happiness. They'd retaken Arnon. And this would be the first step of a decisive victory.

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Retaking of Arnon
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