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 Assault on Outpost Eystur

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PostSubject: Assault on Outpost Eystur   Mon Jan 23, 2017 2:34 am

Clouds whipped up as in the distance, in the darkening sky, troops came marching onto them. Human soldiers rushed to the defenses. The alarm went off. Communication was thrown wide open with Outpost Algogille, making sure they were on high alert, too. In the back, the roaring of engines took over the skies as the two Veryn Class Destroyers powered up engines to take off. Troopers manned the LA-AT Gunships, while pilots went to the hangars, prepping the bombers. At the walls, 5 heavy long range artillery cannons warmed up their coils, as the first shells were loaded into the massive weapons. The war had flared up again...

From a decent range, the Demon Force commander stood on the bridge of the rear G'lur Frigate. They had 3 of those Frigates, along with 10 Fer'gl Fighters, a strong horde of Demons with a handful of prime V'larg beasts. Those lasers from the troopers would be nothing against their combined firepower. As they approached, the commander suddenly saw flashes of light, brighter than he'd seen before, coming from the target outpost. Before he knew what was happening, 2 fighters, his own escort, went up in flames, right in front of him. A hail of heavy artillery fire came their way, tearing right through one of the front Frigates. As the wreckage of the frigate went down in flames, he ordered the fighters to speed up and assault the cannons. With the fighters now in range, ont of the artillery cannons got shredded from close range. Instead of maintaining the fire, the LA-AT gunships flew right up, taking aim at the fighters. Several more fighters ate lasers andgot obliterated before the two frigates came into range.

Gunships took heavy fire, 2 dropping on instant. Another one's engine got his, and it spiraled down into the ground. From the burning ashes of the destroyed artillery cannon, 2 Destroyers rose up, weapons locked. The moment they opened fire, the sky lit up, bathing in the blue light of the accellerated ion cannons. The energy projectiles hit the 2nd Frigate and tore right through it. 2 of the beasts, at the same time, jumped up on the walls, but were almost instantly blasted away by the cannons of both Destroyers. The last thing the Demon commander saw, was the bright flash of one of the ion cannons, aiming straight at the bridge of his Frigate.

The last frigate went down, crashing into the ground with a loud thunder. Demon forces, in awe of the destruction of their command ships, scattered and retreated. Several remaining fighters that were too deep in the outpost suffered a destructive fate before the sounds of blasters and explosions slowly dissipated. Damage rapports came in slowly, and after all damage was assessed, after battle rapports were sent to other keypoints.

Demons lost 3 Support Frigates, 2 Beasts and 8 Fighters.
Humans lost 6 LA-AT Gunships, 2 V-Wing Bombers and 1 Long Range Anti Air Artillery Cannon.

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Assault on Outpost Eystur
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