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 Chapter 1 - Disruption

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PostSubject: Chapter 1 - Disruption   Tue Jan 17, 2017 6:15 pm

Combat outpost Centauri never saw it coming. A massive Demon assault. Carriers came down from the sky and dropped troops dead center in the base. Men grabbed their weapons, put on their armor as fast they could, but they got torn to shreds left and right. A group of men, led by Lieutenant V'laar, got their blasters ready, their scratched dented and dirtied white armor on, helmets on, managed to secure the armory, providing cover fire while the rest of their still alive platoon could arm themselves. A loud explosion came before the west tower emited massive rubble and smoke, only to fall to the left and collapse onto the structures below. Aerial defences were non existent and anti-air support had already mostly been taken out. They were reliant merely on missiles and plain weaponry.

The assault had been underway for several minutes now. From a distance, the human forces witnessed the slaughter. Captain Fuhl nodded to the people behind them, giving them the green light. With a roaring thunder, left and right of him, at the sides of the great Dreadnought, massive cannons came to life, and with a silence before unleashing their blasts, they launched their terror at the sky above the outpost. Fuhl knew damned well that Demons could utilize the cover of night to make their command ships seem nigh invisible, but that tactic made them predictable. It took the charges 3 seconds to reach the air space over the base, 3 seconds long that Fuhl held his breath. When he saw bright explosions as the ship lit up in the sky, he exhaled and felt relief. They'd caught them off guard and it was payback time.

Deafning explosions went off over their heads as V'laar sawimpacts right above them hit what had been concealed so far. A ship, most likely their command cruiser.Damn those Demons crossed his mind just before one of them grabbed him at his chest and hurled him away. Whether stupid luck or intentional, V'laar landed on top of the carcass of one of his men. Chest ripped open and neck almost completely detached, the man lay under him, helmet covering the face, something V'laar was thankful for. Picking up the unlucky trooper's blaster he aimed for the Demon that had thrown him here, but he already vanished in the fight. His group was holding out, surrounded in the center. As he saw them, one of them got hit by lightning, typical of the Daion family. He saw as the Demon approached his group. With a loud yell he got up and lunged himself into the horde of demons, blaster mowing down whatever it could find. 2 Demons were killed instantanious by headshot, another was gravely wounded by a shot in the side of his neck before V'laar landed right next to the Daion female. The 3 troopers remaining of his group all opened fire, but she deflected it with ease. Two, she impaled with lances of her fallen comrades. The last, she was about to end as V'laar got his hands on a blaster pistol. He rose it quickly and shot the Daion in her arm, who cried out in pain. The trooper fell on the ground and almost the same time, V'laar felt a sharp pain in his chest, something he'd never felt before. With what little energy he had, he looked down, seeing the shaft of a Demon Halberd rising up from his chest. In the distance he heard the roars of more capital ship fire hitting the command cruiser above them, and the last thing he saw was a brilliant white blue flash, before succumbing to darkness.

From the distant fight, Fuhl opened his eyes wider. Could it be?! A blue and white bubble expanded from the ship they'd hit, apparently a smaller ship that flew with the attack party. The bubble was followed by a massive detonation, one that sent a shockwave flying, causing the Dreadnought to deviate from its course by several degrees. He had only seen that once before. A temporal bubble, capable of transferring people to different times. But that was prototype material, something man abandoned due to its hazards. He knew there were two ways to create such bubbles. One was by utilizing insane amounts of energy, and bundle it in very specific ways. The other would be by pure chance, something he never would expect to witness, let alone happen in a battle. Before the bubble reached the outpost however, it was eviscerated by the explosion of the nuclear core of the Demon Command Cruiser D'haerc. Fuhl didn't believe his eyes, and wouldn't ever expect his superiors to believe him. But that wasn't important. First, they'd have to wipe the floor with these Demons. That bubble would have to wait. If it was even real, that was ...

Slowly, he came to, opening his eyes after a minute of feeling the softness of cushions. His heart jumped as he realized he was lying in a bed and he sat up on instant, but regretted it just as fast. He fell back in the bed as a sharp pain shot through his leg. He pulled away the sheets and saw himself in medbay pajamas, his right leg wrapped and held in place. Broken ... he figured, as he looked around him. He knew this medbay all too well. It was the one they had in Centauri. And not just designwise, but down to the last detail. Which was impossible, it was one of the first locations that got bombed. As he looked around to confirm he was in the right place, a woman came in. Her name was Helen, he knew her, she was always trying to sneak extras into the lunch packs of soldiers sent out for patrols. Helen set down a tray and turned to the door again. The man tried to call out to her but didn't get a sound out of his mouth. Instead he decided to throw the sheets on the ground. The sound caught Helen's attention, as she went over to him and tucked him in again. "Now don't go mess around, or you'll not get any desert. It's good to see you awake, though. I'll let Commander Gryn know." She gave him a soothing kiss on his forehead, before leaving the room. A room that wasn't supposed to exist anymore. He closed his eyes again and tried to remember. The last things he saw was Lieutenant V'laar get pierced by the Demon after the man saved his life from the Daion Demon, then a flash of light and... he woke up here. As he thought deeply, he dozed off and fell back into a deep sleep, in a fully functional and unharmed Centauri outpost, 13:47 PM.

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Chapter 1 - Disruption
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