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 A Nearing Threat

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PostSubject: A Nearing Threat   Fri Apr 22, 2016 7:41 pm

The northern reaches of Pendragon, far from most peoples concern and hardly even cared about. It was an economically unimportant region, with little inhabitants. But as such, everyone knew each other, and the community may be small, but it was warm and close, unlike the city life. As such, it wouldn't come as a surprise that within a day, the whole part knew of the two changes that occurred. It was talk of the day, everyone knew of it and everyone was quite riled up about it.

From the north, the mountainous regions, ice had started to slide down. First it simply was at the top of the hills, now, it had gotten close to the gardens and homes of people. It was a concerning matter and word would go to the new government asap. At this rate, it would result in the complete freezing of New Pendragon, and who knew what more. There was no knowing what caused it or what could make it stop. The inhabitants tried warm water to melt it away, some even tried to use hammers and the like, but it seemed indestructible. There was no way they were able to rid themselves of the ice, which was creeping closer every day.

The other thing was the spotting of an old familiar person. Yasuo had returned to his old village with Riven, not just to explain the past, but to settle and become a normal couple. Despite what the two had put each other through, they had more in common than they thought. However, the armor Yasuo spread throughout Arakai during his demolition run to get the attention of the people, seemed to have returned. A man, same size and capabilities as Yasuo, had been spotted with the armor and the blade he had left behind. The PROJECT had returned under someone else's control. And nobody knew who or why.
Yasuo [left], Riven [right]
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A Nearing Threat
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