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 Monster World Updates!

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Admin - Kai'Sa
Admin - Kai'Sa

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PostSubject: Monster World Updates!   Tue Apr 05, 2016 1:54 pm

Hello Guest,

An update has been brought to you. Within the next couple of days, several updates will be implemented, being:
● Opening the gateways to the other worlds.
● Revealing a new area.
● Revealing new activities.
● Monster World Shop.
● Revealing new species.

For the first point, the story has progressed enough for the worlds to finally become interconnected once again. As such, starting Tuesday, 5th of April, the gateways will be opened to other worlds once again. But be advised that this does not mean your character can be at several places at the same time. If you have a topic active in the Human World, you cannot start a topic in another world. No exceptions.

Second of all, a new location will be set up. It's a harbor in the Monster World, in the far west. Surrounded by floating mountains, Shya-ko, a village, is vibrant with life of any creature you can imagine. All work together in this would-be fishermans town, which has a center for quests. This brings us to point 3 as well, quests. If at this center, you can pick up a quest. This quest will be a mission you can perform as a topic. Imagine it as a game-ish piece introduced to the Role Play. Your character will for example have to find a Werewolf Fur. Your char will then enter a topic in which he fights the werewolf and attempts to beat him to obtain that fur. Once you return, your quest will be completed and you will be awarded with a Token. These Tokens can be turned in for special prizes at the new Monster World Shop.

The Monster World Shop will be run by the Admins and Moderators. It'll offer a variety of items you can buy. This goes from name change to custom Signatures and Avatars. Since I am the only one doing Gfx, for the latter it might not be done instantly, but you will be given a heads up if that is the case. At any rate, feel free to look it through once it's up.

And last but not least there will be a new race joining the Role Play. With Lissandra having awoken, she will be able to grant people the power over ice if they serve her will. Characters accepting a deal with Lissandra will become so-called "Iceborn". Iceborn can only be created with the permission of an Admin, and if you wish to convert a current character to an Iceborn, contact an Admin for Role Play with Lissandra and making the pact.

That's all for now. These changes will not all be implemented at once, some will be put in slower than others, so when you read this it may very well be possible that some of these changes have not occurred. We ask you for some patience and if anyone feels like they have other ideas or suggestions that could help or improve our current systems, feel free to throw them in General Discussion.

Have a good day.

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Monster World Updates!
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