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 The Aftermath - Freedom for All

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PostSubject: The Aftermath - Freedom for All   Tue Mar 29, 2016 1:04 am

It was an hour after their assault. Lights had been restored to the Government Complex behind them and an official bulletin had been sent to all government employees about the changes. Yasuo and Azir stood at the center of the Pendragon Gardens, people swarming around them. They shared to all, the news of the corrupt government that had run things for so long. Azir showed his power by summoning guards of sand, then Ahri came forward, unveiling herself to by not fully human, next up Astraria, and eventually Fiora. They explained to the evergrowing crowd the atrocities their government had committed to, including the bombing of Arakai. As such, elections would be held for a new leadership. Relief efforts would be sent to Arakai to assist in medical care, rebuilding of the city and housing the 1.9 million survivors.

Azir, however, left soon. He knew that with this victory, they only had secured the Human World for so long. The North contained the real threat. Without leaving a note or a message for the rest, he left Pendragon, on his voyage to the North. She had to be stopped before she could even awaken. And it was his task to make sure that happened.

Chelsea had been at the command center with Reinhardt all the time. When she heard Leon was injured, she volunteered to go in and give him immediate medical care. During the speech and revelations of Yasuo and Azir, Leon was brought in, along with Akame, into the medical facility they had at their disposal. Chelsea followed Leon into the OR, where she stayed at his side, not once daring to leave.


From this point on, many characters will be NPC'd. From this point on, all Specials are free to reveal themselves as who they are in the Human world. The PROJECT characters will be taken out as they are being examined for deconstruction back into their old selves. Reopening of the other worlds will soon be introduced.

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The Aftermath - Freedom for All
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