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PostSubject: Replacement   Replacement I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 27, 2016 5:01 pm

He stood at his window, looking down over the courtyard of the Complex. It was an older building, though a lot of walls had been renewed with the attack lately. Yet the garden remained unchanged. Beautiful flower arrangements, a bonzai tree in the center, right next to a small podium. He used to make inspiring speeches there. His whole idea of the office was to inspire people and make their world a great union. But with those rebels and all those specials running around, his goal wasn't  achievable. They had to be removed, even if it meant using some on his side. A knock on the door woke him up from his daydreams. "Come in". He kept looking at the garden, already knowing who it was. The door opened, and his loyal servant and protector, so she claimed at least, entered the room. The clang of her armor against the marble floor was unmistakable. She reached the desk and made a small bow. "Prime minister. You summoned me?" He sighed deeply, then raised his brows as he turned around and looked at his Commander of the Elite Guard. He remained quiet for a couple seconds, then finally spoke. "Yes. I brought you here because of recent events. I think I won't have to explain, since you know very well what I speak of."

His tone had always been soft and filled with the emotion of an elderly man, but at this point, it was filled with cold hatred. Despise. Rejection. when he looked at her, she didn't see the man she'd known. The man that she'd served, but she saw her enemy. She saw a tyrant, a murderer and monster. It grieved her to see how he'd changed, but it also made things easier for her. She now was no longer bound by her oath of honor. Not to a man who had massacred millions for a "pure world". her hands itched to grab his throat and tear it out, or snap his neck and rip him apart. But it was her very honor that stayed her hand. He knew, though. She'd made a huge mistake in helping in Arakai, and he'd found out. What did she expect, anyway. What other person or creature in the near vicinity would be there at the time of the attack, would have claws like hers and tear the attacking bombers and carriers to shreds. Pilots must've seen her and identified her. Her only regret was that she hadn't been able to destroy the entire battle fleet.

"I know what you've done. In Arakai. And to hear that my most trusted soldier, the Commander of my own personal Elite Guard, no less, turns against us. Is sad. I don't think you know what you've done. Was this some misguided moral obligation to help the innocent? If so, then must I remind you what happened all those years ago? You destroyed an entire village, blindly killing everyone in it, whether related to the hunters or not. Or perhaps, this was to atone for what you did back then?" He kept talking while she just wished she didn't have her honor at this point to simply end him. But his rant finally came to an end, so she would have her chance if he tried anything. He took off his glasses, cleaning them with a tissue. "To be honest, I wish I could trust you. That it was another one of your kind. But they specifically identified you. So my hands are tied." He put his glasses back on, folded his hands behind his back and nodded. "Goodbye, my dear."

She expected him to do something, but he just stood there. Waiting. For her to leave? Or what was this all about? But the answer found her right away. Cold steel dug into her back, as a soft hand touched her shoulder. Someone else had been there all along without her noticing ... ? The blade buried itself into her body, a small piece of the tip coming out of her chest, just above her breasts. The red-covered metal glistered in the sunlight as she felt her body drop on its knees and the pain ravaging through her. A small hint of another persons scent caught her attention. Female, without a doubt. She tried to look back, but her neck refused to turn. All she could do was bend over, hands supporting her for what little time she had left. She tasted blood in her mouth and felt weakening by the second, until eventually everything turned black. Her last thought was of her father. She hoped to see him and plead for forgiveness for what she'd done. The half dragon's body collapsed forward, lying at the feet of the Prime Minister, lifeless. The man gave a sigh at the display, as the warm blood of the woman trickled towards his desk.

"Such a shame. I hope you won't disappoint me the same way." He turned around and walked back to the window he previously stood at, looking back at the garden itself. The woman who'd been hidden until her strike nodded. Her sleek long red hair fell perfectly over her shoulders and back, her face marked by a single scar over her left eye. "I won't, sir."
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