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 Duel Monsters - Hunger Games

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PostSubject: Duel Monsters - Hunger Games   Fri Mar 25, 2016 8:50 pm

Hello, Guest

I've come up with this idea from an old event we used to have back on Orichalcos Duel Academy. It was the Hunger Games version Yugioh. It's essentially what I had in mind for here, since it's an RP event. Now, I know that the majority, if not everyone here, plays Yugioh. So, I figured, why not do this. It's pretty simple.

Each character, which everyone can design freely, yet without powers, will be dropped in the center of the map, which will be provided. Then, we all get going. As with the actual Hunger Games, you fight to survive. You can make alliances, betray one another, or come up with strategies as to how your character will be the last man or woman standing. You can only challenge one person a day, and only if they are in the same area as you. You cannot hop from each area to the other, the map will show what area borders to what. Instead of shooting each other or going at one another with blades, knives of axes, the tool we use will be dueling. A person loses the duel, they will lose their soul. The body will instantly be collected, so no mutilation or any other shenanigans can or shall be done to the loser.

For Decks, there are some ideas. As it goes right now, we have DN being on a short leash. They lost all their pics, luckily, YGOpro remains untouched. But not only due to that I've considered using YGOpro for this, but also the fact that YGOpro allows for the usage of custom cards and decks. Me and TheBoos2569 have designed a handful of Decks that can be used in this event, granted enough people are interested and willing to go with it.

People can design their own stories within the lines of the Hunger Games, such as encounters with each other, chance occurrences, such as a discovery, or getting an assist.

I hope I can get some feedback on this. A list of rules will off course be provided, but I won't be going too deep into this without being certain people are interested. Leave a post with your findings and whether you want to join or not. I know some of you may have issues with YGOpro, unwilling to use it, but frankly. DN's in a horrible state atm. Hence.
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Duel Monsters - Hunger Games
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