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 Inspecting the damage

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PostSubject: Inspecting the damage   Sat Mar 12, 2016 8:34 pm

Barely anyone was granted the permission to leave New Pendragon anymore. At least not per official or common ways. Luckily for her, she owned the entire underworld, so it was rather easy for Sarah to exit the city. She'd heard from the streets and her people with the ALF what happened in Arakai. She didn't believe the prime minister would go this far. As such, she had to see it for herself. And now, looking over the devastated city, she felt her heart sink. So many people's worlds had been destroyed. She'd been funding the ALF for a new world. A new civilization where most of them didn't have to do their business in the underground. A new world with new species, acceptance of all different beings. Maybe too rose-colored a future, but she had hoped for it. And yet, now. Everything laid to waste. she kicked a pebble in front of her. She could help with rebuilding now, fund them new houses, or all the cleaning up. But she already knew what was gonna happen now. She'd do this, all by herself.
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Inspecting the damage
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