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 Remembering fallen comrades

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PostSubject: Remembering fallen comrades   Mon Feb 22, 2016 10:36 pm

"Gaige. Kyuri. These names will not be forgotten. They sacrificed there lives, so that Arakai is once again free from the hidden tyranny known as the Prime Minister. In secret, he has used specials, such as these people, for his sick experiments. I myself was victim to his abuse and not just this, but he kept the existence of specials, creatures we only ever knew as fairy tails, secret." Yasuo stepped back, letting Ahri, Astraria and Nadia take the stage, as they showed the entire population of Arakai, all gathered on the main square, their true self. The half fox half human. The Angel. And the werewolf. All creatures from myth and legend and all very much real.

The announcement had ended, and Riza stood in the shop he worked at, thinking. So if all this was true, maybe the legend about his family was, too. This Kyuri. He'd met her once. Just once. And she instantly recognized him, even though they'd never met before. She told him where to find the item that was the heirloom to his legacy, but he didn't think she could have meant that. "Deep in the vaults of New Pendragon, the weapon awaits you." He'd have to find his way to New Pendragon, get his hands on it, and maybe, just maybe, he could fulfill his family's duty. He pushed off the wall and packed essentials, starting his trip to New Pendragon.

Astraria had made special memorial stones to the two fallen companions. Nadia in particular had been crushed to hear the loss of Kyuri, but Yasuo figured that her new found sister would ease the pain somewhat. They would have a long way to go, and the people had now been shown what was reality. He just hoped that the Prime Minister's retaliation, would not be all out war. Too many innocent people would be caught in the cross fire. Still, if that were to happen, New Pendragon, too, would rise against him. And he would lose all control.
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Remembering fallen comrades
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