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 Tough Call

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PostSubject: Tough Call   Tue Feb 16, 2016 10:17 am

He sat, hands in his hair, bent over with disbelief in his eyes on the news that had come to him. It had lasted 2000 years, a peaceful well earned empire they had created and maintained, and now it had fallen apart. Arakai, the oldest of cities, was lost to some rebel scum, its citizens given a false thought of freedom and the illusion of independence. And on top of that, they'd suffered losses he really did not want to recount. Kyuri, the Demonic Arms that could have made them invincible, destroyed. PROJECT Fiora, missing. PROJECT Lucian, killed in action. Hell, he even had to send the captain of his personal elite guard to check out a loss of communication and hadn't heard back. But they line was drawn. In his mind at least, he had already made a decision that would change everything. No more nice politics, no more caring for the people without concern of the consequences. They wanted a war? They could get one.

Yasuo had brought Riven in and had questioned her several times, but nothing came out of the woman. She outright refused to talk, no matter what he tried, friendly approach or the less friendly approach. Over the last 2 days, he'd been on and off, organizing the whole city, running management and guiding everything into proper order, a job that was much harder than he'd initially thought. So far, order was kept decently, and people had been given a view on the different things the world offered. Astraria had been revealed, as well as others, such as Nadia or Ahri. Teams had brought a new person in as well, a black man apparently named Lucian. He'd have to find out what he knew, but given the guns they found with him and their design, he could only guess it was another PROJECT, like he was.

Fiora was delivered to Reinhardt, Sarah was glad with the result and hoped the revelations in Arakai would go through to New Pendragon, and that her newest business associate wouldn't have to hide his skills anymore, either. But she worried about a retaliation from the government. She knew him, and he would not give up without a fight. Time would tell.
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Tough Call
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