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PostSubject: The PROJECT   Sun Jan 17, 2016 6:30 pm

The prime minister barged into the facility. He was through with the failures of his people. Time to take matters into own hands. Yuu and Iuri would serve as expendable forces now. Yuu would be assigned to Lysandra, the girl that gave him the intel on Yasuo and his current hideout. She walked next to him, somewhat amazed by the size of the facility. With her on his heels he entered the lab itself. 5 cylinders, different color each, containing shades of human forms and scientists working quietly at their controls or computers, looking through the statistics or analyzing the data coming from the terminals. One noticed he entered, but that was merely because he nearly got knocked over upon the prime ministers entrance. "Doc! A word, now!" The whole room got quieter and the lead scientist, Dr. Turo Karayumi, walked up to the prime minister. He said not a single word but nodded and led the two to his office, sound proof. Once inside he activated the security measures, making sure they wouldn't be interrupted or listened in on. "I assume you're here for PROJECT." The prime minister sat down and let Lysandra explain the case. She told him about Yasuo, who was hiding in a cabin in the woods. Turo remembered the prototype. It'd been imperfect and the process was flawed, but it opened the way to what they'd created now. "So Yasuo managed to let go of the nature the augmentation puts in the mind. Interesting. And you're cnocerned these current test subjects will show the same flaw? Don't worry, though. In order to become PROJECT you have to surrender your humanity. The technology takes over your soul. At least the new one does." He spent a couple minutes explaining the finer details of the 5 subjects in the lab and the strengths and weaknesses of each. Together, they were unstoppable. After hearing the ranting of Turo, the prime minister got up. "Lysandra, I leave you in charge. Eradicate this degenerate swine that is destroying our well earned peace. You have full authority to go through any obstacles that lie ahead. You will not be persecuted by court. I'll see to this personally." With that he left the room and facility, leaving Lysandra to lead the operation to hunt down Yasuo and his companions with the use of PROJECT.
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