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 Retribution of the Wind

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PostSubject: Retribution of the Wind   Sun Jan 10, 2016 3:28 pm

Arakai's center was peaceful as ever, people going about their daily lives as usual. The market vibrant with life, shops being visited by many people and lots of trade with New Pendragon merchants and officials. Arakai may have been older than Pendragon, but it's always had the small town mentality, even though it's grown much bigger than your every day country town. But like the past, like the future, like always, peace won't last. Yasuo knew that all too well. He looked down and saw obedience. Control. None of them were free. The headquarters in New Pendragon had already suffered damage from his earlier visit, couple days back. But now it was time to bring it to the people, to wake them up. Behind him, in a bag, he had a couple tapestries, ready to be hung from high towers, at least to be in sight and hard to get down.

He jumped down into the mass of people and drew the katana. People looked at him weird, as if he was the one wearing a bunny costume to a gentlemen's party. But it didn't matter for him. he remembered that his oldest training prohibited from attacking innocent people, and he wasn't about to break this, so instead of cutting people down, he called upon the wind, as his ability was, casting a tornado with his sword towards a bookstore, ravaging the entire building and all inside. "Aseryo!" Nothing was left standing, as the damage was done. He went through the streets, destroying store after store, letting people get out first as not to harm them. He knew somewhere, the girl from before was noticing it, and at each location, he left a part of the old armor. Then, the last location, a mall, he utterly destroyed the front of the building, leaving it with the blade of the armor forced onto him, and a banner. "Justice. That's a pretty word." With that, he left the ravaged streets of Arakai, and felt no satisfaction. In fact, it hurt him to have destroyed all the places people liked and held dear. But if he didn't do this, then they'd never wake up. It was necessary.

He returned to the cottage and planted his sword in the ground near the fence, leaned against it, got out his flute and started playing. It was done. Now it was waiting for when the Government would retaliate against him. But he planned on being long gone by then, and give Astraria a heads up, so that she could play innocent. He'd forge her a backstory, everything she needed to prove she was a law abiding citizen and utterly undermine any leverage the girl had over them. He himself, though, would have to run again, go into hiding. He couldn't jeopardize Astraria by staying. It was necessary for her. He just hoped she could understand.
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Retribution of the Wind
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