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 Retrieval, the hard way

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PostSubject: Retrieval, the hard way   Thu Jan 07, 2016 7:10 pm

Yasuo sat squated on a rooftop, observing the government buildings in front of him. He wasn't spotted, else they'd have raised the alarm already. He watched as the unaware people below went about their daily business. Ignorant to the corruption that ruled them. Ignorant to the withholding of information that would change the world. Ignorant of all the things outside of their lives that were going on, so important to them without even realizing it. He turned his gaze to the building in front of him again. It's where they'd brought him. His belongings must be there, somewhere. He gripped the hilt of his katana for reassurance, then decided. With a lightning fast dash, he jumped over the street onto the first tower. And he didn't go unnoticed. People started to shout, some were surprised, others amazed. He didn't care. He did care, however, about the guards that paid him attention now, and he climbed his way to the first window he could find, getting out of sight. The room he entered was closed and absent of enemies. But he knew they were on their way. This place crawled with people trying to prove themselves to kill or capture him. He slashed the lock easily and opened the door. Hallway was abandoned, and in the distance, he heared New Pendragons alarms going off.

The streets were clearing out, and Yuu knew the sound of this alarm, all too well. She ran as fast as her tiny body allowed her towards the central building, as she was updated in her earpiece on what the situation was. "Miss Koutari, PROJECT: Yasuo has returned. It is most likely out to destroy the central mainframe, since its programming glitched. It thinks we all are the enemy. You are required to come here as soon as possible and capture him. If no other options, lethal action is authorized." She'd been trained for these operations before, but she couldn't believe it when she heard a humanoid android was created to do special operations. They said it experienced human feelings and emotions, to which she questioned, wouldn't that make it a sentient living creature. They assured her, all that was happening, was a glitch in its personality matrix. If captured, they could fix the programming and install another personality matrix more suitable to it. Finally, she reached the front gates of the central building. The streets were entirely abandoned, and she went in, ready to activate her Demonic Arms. Without, she was pretty useless, anyway.

Another guard dropped on the floor, struck down by their far superior opponent. Yasuo sheathed the blade, and ran off, through the hallway. He knew exactly where to go. He'd gone through these halls a thousand times and still knew the way. Next corridor to the left, then. He came to an abrupt hold. Before him, a little girl stood, hands balled into fists, orange eyes looking at him, her white hair, quite like his, yet shorter, covering her ears. "Move out of the way, girl. I won't fight children." The girl wouldn't move. At all. She just looked at him and finally spoke. "You're the Project, right. Yasuo." He observed the little one. She knew more than he thought she would and nodded in confirmation. "Then you're the one I've been looking for. You've given me a lot of sleepless nights, hunting you down. So I'll be sure to end that now." The 2 bracelets he hadn't noticed earlier glowed up and from thin air, 2 massive hands appeared, attaching them piece by piece on her arms. Then, from under her skirt, a tail in the same metal and design appeared. She lashed out at him instantly, hoping to hit him in surprise with a punch to the face, but Yasuo dashed to his left, dodging the girls attack with ease. However what he didn't expect was the tail, which jabbed him in the gut. Both metals fierce and sturdy, neither broke, but Yasuo was pushed through the wall from the sheer strength Yuu put in her attacks. He underestimated her. Not again. He drew his katana, and held it up in front of him, blade forwards. "So be it."

Another wall exploded, as Yuu flew through it. Her first attacks were succesful against the swordsman, but the longer they battled, the more she came to realize he had a far greater endurance, a far better understanding of combat, and seemed to be a step ahead of her at each attack. For Yasuo, it turned into more a sparring session than a fight to the death. She was predictable, simple minded, young. Naive. She probably believed she could win through sheer power, but he knew better. When she launched at him again, he decided it was time to end it. A single swift strike left a nasty cut on Yuu's belly, going all the way to her right side. Her eyes widened, feeling the sudden sharp pain, and she crashed into another wall. Yasuo turned around, looking down at the wounded opponent. "You fight well, Yuu. But you lack guidance. Purpose. Find this, and you'll become a great warrior." With those words, he dashed away again, vanishing in a not yet destroyed corridor. Yuu's Demonic Arms deactivated, and she put a hand on her bleeding wound as personnel of the building rushed to her side, hoping to help her. She had been beaten, and seemingly with such ease. Yasuo didn't go for a kill, he didn't want to fight her at first. Was it possible, he. Was really a man, and not a machine? But that would mean the Government lied, and they wouldn't do that, even with all the things Yasuo told her. Numbed by the pain and stunned by what had been said, Yuu let the employees help her up and bring her to a safe place, where medics started to treat her wounds.

Meanwhile, Yasuo had finally found what he'd been looking for. The door towards the armaments. He heard rumors that there were Demonic Arms stored in here, weapons so strong it could give a proper wielder the power to overthrow the government. But he didn't need these weapons. Instead, all he had come here for, were his own belongings. A single flick of his blade unlocked the door and opened the way for him to enter. As he first entered, everything was pitch dark, but then in front of him, something blue lit up. Too late, he realized it wasn't a light, as a projectile dug itself in his chest and smashed him through 2 walls and a closet, before coming to a stop. He got up, trying to catch his breath, but not given the chance. A girl with ink black hair, and what looked like a cannon in her hand came at him, barrel pointed right at him. Fast as the wind, he called out Son, creating a wall in front of him, similar to the one he'd used at Astraria's place. The next couple shots the girl fired got blocked by the energy wall, but by the time she realized it was pointless, cuz she couldn't get through, Yasuo had already dashed to close range. He bashed the hilt of the katana against her head as he passed her, then sliced the hinges of the door, causing it to come down on her. She managed to protect herself from the door by sticking the cannon up against it, but Yasuo got away.

He walked into the room, calmly, and shut the door behind him. Switching on the lights, he found himself in a massive armory. He looked through the arsenal, but couldn't find what belonged to him anywhere, until he found a chest. Much like a treasure chest in size and design, but with a symbol of 3 waved lines on it, and entirely black with orange lining. He slashed the lock away and opened it, finding what he'd been looking for. His old attire, the plates, his old flute, flask and off course, the katana he'd traveled with for years. His fathers blade. He knelt before the opened chest, and said a quick prayer in an Ionian dialect, only his family knew. After having said this, he picked up his belongings, and left the room, only to walk into Yuu again. Bandages around her abdomen, with a red line of her blood in it, Yuu stood there, Demonic Arms activated. Yasuo shook his head. "No Yuu. You've done enough. I wouldn't wish to kill you. I've done enough of that." Yuu didn't listen. She swung at him with less strength than before. Yasuo easily dodged while walking backwards. Yuu drove him back, meter by meter, until he was pushed into a corner against a wall. Again, he shook his head. "No cure for fools." Quickly, he slashed the wall behind him, creating an opening. He jumped out, into the water surrounding the central building. From there, he swam to the shore, and vanished into the night, between the other buildings.
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Retrieval, the hard way
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