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 Demonic Arms - Weapons Guide

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PostSubject: Demonic Arms - Weapons Guide   Wed Dec 30, 2015 12:11 pm

Tsun Daion, Thunder Demon and mechanic, was demon to an empire in the midst of wars and conflicts. Though her power was unquestionable, her attitude was not. She fell in love. she touched the emotions coming from other creatures, humans, angels, creatures from the then beautiful Monster world. As such, she changed herself, accordingly. Before her passing she made one last vow. Creating 12 special weapons with her best craftsmanship so far and pouring in her soul in each one of them. Though not literally, off course. Each one of these weapons was called a Demonic Arms. They required a perfect match with its wielder in order to be used, but when a match was found, the weapons would be bound for the life span of the wielder. To avoid single rulers wielding all 12, the drawback was created that each weapon would only take a wielder not already carrying a Demonic Arms, and whenever Demonic Arms wielders fought, it would go to the death. Else the weapon would drain the energy from both wielders, causing death.

These 12 Demonic Arms were given to the Demon Queen. But when the Demon Empire fell, they scattered throughout the worlds. And after the gates shut down chances were some of them would never be found again. The government in the human world has located and obtained 4 of these Demonic Arms so far, and rumor is there are 2 more spread over their realm. 1 is said to linger in the ruins of the Demon's Spire at the center of the Demon World, whereas 2 more are held in the Angel World. The remaining 3 are not known. Some say they are held by the Goddess C.C., others claim they may be in the Monster World. But nothing really is known about them.

Demonic Arms #1: "Kyuri"
Kyuri is the only Demonic Arms that is while at it a person. Created as a reflection of the Thunder Demon, this Demonic Arms is a companion to its owner. Its current abilities are yet unknown.
Demonic Arms #2: "Emperor's Rule"
Emperor's Rule is a Demonic Arms created from a relic of ancient Shurima. the wielder gains control over sand, able to rise up legions at will, but each soldier created will be part of the wielders spirit energy. With soldiers defeated, the wielders energy drops. Unlike any other Demonic Arms, Emperor's Rule is always in Ultimate Mode, giving the wielder near impenetrable armor.

Demonic Arms #3:

Demonic Arms #4: "Aether Wings"
A necklace with a locket, Aether Wings gives the wearer this protective body armor and the wings, which comes paired with healing abilities at the cost of their own life force. The heavier the wound, the more it drains the user. The ultimate form is saving the life of a dead person, at the cost of the users own life. However the target cannot be dead for longer than 24 hours.
Demonic Arms #5:

Demonic Arms #6: "Murasame"
Murasame is a katana with a fierce demonic power running through it. Any living being the blade cuts is touched by the curse and dies within seconds. Its ultimate triggers when the user cuts themselves. The user gains speed and strength while marking appear over their body, which remain after the effect vanishes, as scars. The blade becomes more straining on the user with each life it takes, as such, impossible to be carried for too long by warriors.

Demonic Arms #7: "Ogre Hands"
Ogre Hands is the weapon that attaches itself to the wielder. The spinal cord becomes one with the weapon. The fingers on both hands can turn into guns, shooting spirit energy at the target. Ultimate form creates 2 more hands which can morph freely to create more powerful strikes. Once in ultimate, guns are no longer available.

Demonic Arms #8:

Demonic Arms #9: "Iris"
This Demonic Arms gives the wielder visions. These visions aren't set and can be changed by the actions of those it includes, but they give the currently most likely future of the moment it envisions. Unlike the others, this Demonic Arms works on its own given times. The visions can stay away for years, then suddenly come twice a day. After each vision, the wielder is left drained of energy, though Iris keeps this into account. It will never drain lethal amounts. The ultimate ability allows the wielder to look into a persons soul, but in return opens the wielders soul as well to the target.

Demonic Arms #10:

Demonic Arms #11: "Rock Cannon"
The Rock Cannon shoots solidified spirit energy at the targets. The more danger the wielder is in, the more powerful the shots are. It's ultimate form becomes a stationary gatling gun, shooting insane amounts of rounds with spirit energy for each shot. Additionally, a blade is added to the barrel, detachable.

Demonic Arms #12:
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Demonic Arms - Weapons Guide
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