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 Official challange

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PostSubject: Official challange   Sat Oct 20, 2012 6:33 pm

Areana post:

THe forest had been reformed to a large extent by Cross's powers. As it stood now; it is now a forest of bamboo reaching high into the sky. Their wasn't much space inbetween most of the bamboo trees. The affected area reached about six miles, give or take. There was a pretty calm breeze, and it was somewhere between 60 and 80 degrees F.

Intro post:

Takumi stood in the middle of a patch of bamboo. He was dressed in an all grey keigi, with a slightly darker black hakama, and a smooth jet black obi around his waist. On his feet were thick wooden sandles with a gap inbetween to rows of food that elevate Takumi slightly off the ground.Resting inbetween the obi and his waist was his katana, Seido Ryu (Seido Ryu; Handle material; wood, covered in ray skin, and wrapped in a brown silk cloth, a cast iron but cap, and cast iron metal on the end. Guard material: cast iron metal in the shape of two rings. Blade material; 1060 carbon steel. Scabbard material; a brown paint coated hard wood. Handle length; about 2 feet. Blade length; 38.5 inches. Designs; two colliding waves on the put cap, and a sun with fire around it on the metal end of the handle, plus one dragon in each side of the handle.). On his face, though, was something new. He bore a featureless mask, except for the two blue fang like streks of paint going down from the bottom of the eye slits. His eyes were not visible in the least bit. His left hand was wraped around the mouth of the saya, with the thumb pressing against the tsuba. The right hand was grasping at the top of the tsuke. For now, he just waited there, hoping for a new opponent to challange him and his new found strength.-

OCC: Rules-
1. 1vs1 only, no cross posting allowed (unless they are just spectation). Any influence from an outside party will be ignored and not counted as a part of the topic. If the opponent is to receive any help from an outside party it is counted as an automatic lost, even if they deny to be working together.
2. No powers (magic, demon/angel abilities, ect.) are allowed. For this post we are saying any energy (weither it be kai, chi, magic, chakra, ect.) that is externaly used shall be absorbed by the forest, transformed so there is no outside influences on it, and used to grow the forest even more.
3. No double posting. This will be allowed if the post is too large to fight in the allowed space; in that case you will use "(cont.)" at the end of the first post, and at the start of the next one. Post will go IN ORDER. If spectators wish to talk, it will go in this order= Takumi-Opponent-Spec.1-Spec.2-and so on. Going out of order is a warning.
4. No bunnying. That means no more than two action section per post, this isn't counted the reaction part of the post. If you wish to do more, keep it going as one fluid movement. No stops. Otherwise you get a warning.
5. No OP. This is self explainatory, but it wont really happen in this post because all powers are taken away. Each player in this arena/post is the = to a human.
6. Physics play a role in this. No real need to explain that, it's basicly real life just in text form.
7. All actions, moves, ect. should be described in detail so both players know exactly what is going on. If you side step, for example, please dictate which way (left or right) you side step to. Otherwise, a repost will be inorder. Two repost per post before the post is skipped all together.
8. After 2 warnings, it's an automatic lost, and if the winner chooses, automatic death.
9. If damage done isn't told by the one receiving it isn't said, then the one dealing it will dictate it (and please be realistic/fair with it).
10. Each player, being that it is a weekday, has two days, unless notified by a PM, to post before it is counted as an automatic lost (NOT a death).

Posting will go as follows; Arena post (done by first person, which takumi has already done)-Intro post (just look at what i just posted, that's the idea)- Player posts (divided up into reaction first [if needed] and then action.)

Opponent should no post their intro post.
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Official challange
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